Midi drum editing question....hi hat AND ride together?

So ive really been getting into “by hand” midi drum editing. Really getting into the nitty gritty and I see its going to help take my songs another notch higher. Of course its extremely tedious since im new at it…taking me like an hour or more to program thru the intro chorus lol

Anyway, so im aware that generally we want to do things that drummers actually do. They have 2 arms and 2 legs. So AFAIK if they are doing a pattern with snare and hi hat, they wont also be hitting the ride cymbal.

So I decide to program “Rainbow in the Dark”. I clearly hear the ride going in the intro chorus…but then I realize there is also a LOT of the loose hi hat (or maybe even a crash) splashing around

check it out:

So I try to find a live version with Vinny Appice drumming and to me it sounds like he is just using the ride

So basically they just overdubbed that in the studio?? I know a lot of times they add plenty of extra noise (claps, snaps, stomps) to the drum track just to give it drive

I’m sure the recording of Holy Diver is well documented, I’ll have to google it for you. I know they did it at sound city and it’s the only good sounding album Dio put out in the 1980s.

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yeah, i loved that first one but even to this day im pretty foggy on the other stuff he did in the 80s…even though I now have the box set “a decade of Dio”. I was thinking Vivian was only on 2 albums but I see he was on 3. I couldnt tell u anything about Dream Evil or Sacred Heart and I can only name a couple off of Last in Line. I always did like the song “Breathless”

Crazy how that first album was so mega classic but then it trailed off

I will say this though, the 90s stuff has KILLER production to my ears. I been listening to Strange Highways and Angry Machines and even though the songwriting isnt the best, the crisp, dry, tight production is killer.

I spent like 3 hours today trying to program the midi to this by hand and didnt get close to finishing lol

again with the clean production. Vinny Appice got them heavy hands

I think those are the ones Jeff Pilson from Dokken produced. The Intermission EP from the 1980s sounds pretty bad too, never came out on CD in America, had to import my copy. Has a studio track on it, it came out right before Dream Evil. Is it on your box set? Pretty rare.

You can choose that. Or not. Only musicians will probably care whether it sounds realistic or not. The listening public only cares if it sounds good.

It’s hard to tell, there’s lots of ambience and maybe even reverb going on. I’d speculate that while he’s doing the ride cymbal and those crash accents (that’s pretty clear), he’s working the hi-hat pedal with his foot to get some of that in there. I believe I can hear a little whoosh-whoosh of hi-hat open/close on the left side. Fairly faint, almost squint mode.

The sound a hi-hat makes when driven by the foot pedal (no stick action involved), and the volume of it, can vary widely. It depends on the type of cymbals, foot power, the angle of the bottom hat cymbal (it can be altered with a thumb-screw on one side), and can be augmented with accoutrements like tambourine or other percussion mounted on the top mount.

nah, nothing from intermission is on the set i got.

Intermission was mostly live with Vivian but Craig Goldy replaced him so they wanted something new with Craig so they did “time To Burn”. I cant even find the studio track lol

here is the live one

sounds like it came right off the “fast times” soundtrack lol

this is the one i have…just straight up 6 albums

yeah i thought about the pedal hihat thing but dang it sounds awfully loose and splashy

It pretty much has to be to cut through in a rock song. And that angle required to make the cymbals clang together (rather than shoop-shoop) makes the bottom one bounce around wildly. I don’t know how much control MIDI gives you over something like that.

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Craig Goldy actually overdubbed the rhythm guitar on that EP, they kept Vivian’s leads though.

no clue lol…but id probably approximate it with a regular loose hi hat

see also—> every song Alex VanHalen ever did lol