Middle Finger Free for a bashing

Middle Finger Free for a bashing


Loving the feedback.
Here’s another. I might have pumped it too much and the vocals may be too quiet on this master.
A previous master got radio play on an Indie internet station and a licencing deal on Songtradr which I ain’t never seen no dime from, lol…


Hey Devyn, another cool, very funky sounding track. I love the off-kilter feeling, yet danceable feeling the interplay of those choppy rhythms create - really infectious (in a good way).

Musically the mix sounds very good - for me personally, the drums could do with being a little punchier and up front, but they work as is in this context. Instrumentally, all the parts sound really tight too.

My only real criticism is the intelligibility of the vocals - I’m probably getting maybe… one out of every three words… I’d love to hear the vocals clearer…


definitely agree about the vox. They need to come up. They sound like a background instrument.

The instrumentation is cool. Although I think it sounds more cluttered than it needs to. I wouldn’t take any instruments out, but I pull off some of the highs/lows on some of them so that they don’t all sound like they want center stage. They can still have their sound without demanding it so much.

I think I’m pinning most of it on that staccato brass thingy. I think taking out some of the low end of that would clear it up a lot.


Cool thank you! Just before posting this, the vocal thought had again crossed my mind. I forget that I know the lyrics inside and out and have heard the song a million times. I am usually over cautious with having the vocal mix dominate and I try to just layer it in like an instrument.


Even clutter has its place but as you mention, they all don’t need to be the title attraction. Your thoughts are well received and under review as to how to achieve.
Thank you boz


This, to me, is the hardest part about mixing. Once I know what each and every instrument sounds like on its own, I have a really hard time hearing the entire mix as a whole. it’s a lot easier to hear something when you know what you are listening for. It’s harder to hear the song as a whole when you are able to hear all the details because you know them.


I am digging it. +1 on the vocals. i think you could scoop a little around the 2k on the “horns” and the synth


Thank you and forgive my ignorance… 2K on the horns and synth (?), lol, layman’s terms for me… do you mean too bright or too loud or something else of that nature, lol, as I said, forgive my ignorance or, inexperience with the lingo. Mastering is a new skill I am working on. I just got the program in January of this year and my catalogue is slowly being revised.


right sorry, i was assuming that you had access to the mix and eq some out of the instruments to allow some space around the 2k area. it would be harder in the master.


I do have both the mix and master tracks. Are the instruments in question, sonically challenging or just needing more clarity and room to breathe so to speak?


yeah i just thought that by pulling some out of that range would allow the vocals to have some more space and i am finding them a little too bright for my taste anyway so be a step in the direction of taking care of both of those issues .


Yes, a really cool track… reminds me about the Sopranos track… was this intentional?
It does suffer from serious level confusion, however.
Should be easily fixable !!!



Thank you and no it wasn’t intentional and now I’ll have to check that out because you got me curious. The feedback here has been so awesome, I am on a platform called Drooble and although the place is great, the reviews by Community members isn’t near as specific for where to go from here.
Thank you Sven.



I like this a lot, I get a real Peter Gabriel flavour. As other have mentioned I think your overall balance between the elements (main vocals in particular) could be improved. Find some good reference material and just compare your mix and go from there. great stuff.