Mic Shootout

Interesting mic shootout in this video from SOS. If you wish to skip the preliminaries, go straight to the shootout @ 17:37

Interesting to note how the SM7B does…


Here’s something my wife taught me not to do and I don’t regret it: there was some interesting stuff there too.

Checking for acoustic and electrical phase matching is something I was totally overlooking while recording vocals. We typically associate phase issues with multiple mic recording but Neal’s explanation makes so much sense.


Cool shootout and also enjoyed the preamble, his philosophy in working with vocalists - refreshing!
Wasn’t she a good singer… nice…
and really interesting to hear the mic where the mids just sort of flattened out…
thanks fH.

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Yeah thanks Lopho & Emma… I didn’t mean to suggest everyone skip the preliminaries - I watched the whole video myself, and quite enjoyed it - I just meant, for those who are time or attention-span challenged.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I corrected the wording in the OP :wink:

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hehe… you might want to re-check your edit :slight_smile:

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Connectives will be my undoing :flushed:

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She has nice skin. My first mic was a small radio speaker draped over a bedpost.


If you take that middle part out that almost turns Hannibal.