Metaltyme, signing in here for the 1st time. RR 'certified badass' alert

Metaltyme, signing in here for the 1st time. RR 'certified badass' alert


Greetings All,

I have been away from for a long time. Obviously, it’s been so long even, that I hadn’t the slightest knowledge of its end. Stumbling here, I thought I’d give this place a whirl. So see you around!

Best Regards,



Good to have you here!
Many,…maybe most of us are ex-RR members.

Lots of metalheads here. I’m assuming you’re a “metal guy” because of your user name…Or maybe you’re a welder?:thinking:


Hey there Metaltyme - Welcome!
Quite a few RR Refugees hanging around here…


What’s up, spicy beans? That’s a handsome M avatar. Is that what you look like in person? Welcome to indie recording depot, where happiness is just a simple click away. Good to see you, String Bean Curry. Bryan may be head hancho, but I’ve got some push and pull on this site because @bozmillar and I are currently involved in the Cayman Islands. We’ll all be wearing gold-plated diapers when this is over.

Oh, and Boz, if you’re reading this, I was able to get the iLok out. I simply used compressed air. Caused another major problem, but you gotta do it one step at a time, right?

Send him my way @wicked. You know I like the obscure metal shit!


Dude! Great to see you back around! How’ve you been?


I’ve been good. Thanks for the warm welcome everybody!


I am a metalhead…yes. But, I absolutely appreciate and enjoy the lighter side of things too.


Hi CJ - Welcome (back) mate! - (Ex fH fH here)


What’s an “(Ex fH fH here”?
Or is that something I SHD know?


It is a misnomer. You see, Andrew and CJ were plumbers together. They started off fixing faucets. Unfortunately neither of them were sure how to spell faucet, thinking it was spelled “fahcet”. As a result, they named their company “fH fH”. They eventually quit because they were sued for predatory loan practices in their pricing plan.




It refers to my former handle, which was “fHumble fHingaz”


Aye up dude!
I remember you well matey :+1:
All the best. You’ve not missed much dont worry. Think we’re due a contest soon though :hugs:


So, what’ve you been doing musically lately @Metaltyme? I’d love to hear some recent work!!


HI Glad you are here. Hope to hear some new stuff.




Hello again friends! Thanks kindly for the w— welcomes. I remember some of you as well still…quite well! It’s good to see you again.

Recent work? Hmm…I often bust out some metal-type stuff. But lately, I’ve been a little experimental. Actually, the most recent thing I’ve worked on is a love song, believe it or not. You’ll hear it here first. I’m quite proud of it actually, though it is indeed a work in progress. I’ve written lyrics for it (in dedication to my special lady), and I’ve rehearsed and worked out a set vocal melody. Its current iteration is the music tracked before I ‘go in hard’ on the vocal tracking.

Let’s see if I can figure out how to upload what I have so far…


I always and sincerely appreciated your remarks and general disposition fhumble. :wink:


I’m anxious to hear the vocals for this! currently, I’m hearing a bit of PF “wish you were here” in this progression :beerbanger:

I really like the keys that come into this too!!


Wow This is awesome. Even without lyrics it is very powerful. Love all those minor chords. I don’t know much about mixing, but hose drums felt like they were inside my head. (cans only) If that makes any sense. Very moving for sure. A tad long. ha ha Can’t wait to hear the lyrics/melody line.




Was substantially influenced by PF for sure!