Metal without cookie monster vocals

Metal without cookie monster vocals


Hey guys,

Just finished mixing this one. Hows it doing on your end?



needs a vol warning on that first hit lol

b4 i comment, is it real drums or machine?


Hi Jon jon thanks man.
Sorry for the volume surprise haha :smiley: The drums is a mix of both.
They are real drums which were mixed with samples. The goal of the drums was to emulate uber processed drums which doesnt sound real anymore… like in most modern metal recordings


My only complaint is that the vocals feel under-produced. I really wish I could hear more harmonies and doubling going on. The harmonies work fine when they happen, but I wish they filled out more. But the whole thing sounds pretty darn good to me. I can’t really find any flaws in the mix.


the only thing “wrong” i can say about it is maybe when those lead gtrs come in at 2:00 they sort of just get lost a bit…or maybe they dont quite work there perhaps? dunno, I cant quite decide if i want to really here those there or not. Are they right up the middle? maybe if they were tucked way back in the sides or m/s eq’ed so as to not interact with the vocal it would be better

of course im old school so im only slowly adjusting to how busy these modern songs are

overall the only real ‘gripe’ is that the whole thing is pretty “neutral”. IOW there is nothign really wrong with it but its a little flat personality wise. Like nothing is standing out as “OMG its killer!”

I guess I could say its very clean and very correct. In that regard it might sound like a high class demo or rough mix before it gets sent of for mixing.

or another way to put it might be that it sounds slightly under produced. The whole effect of it is that it comes across as a bit dry and flat. thats why I asked about the drums. One doesnt really here any “room” or natural air anywhere on the song. Not a lot of front to back depth in it…its a bit 2d

that being said its far better than i can currently do so take whatever I said with a grain of salt


Only have cheap headphones at work, but this sounded really good. Glad to hear a singer rather than a screamer. It has a modern, djenty technicality and yet still has a cool groove to it along with a brief yet tasty solo. Singer brought to mind Ray Alder (Fates Warning) and Brandon Boyd (Incubus). Mix-wise this sounded great to me.

After a few more listens: I’m still really liking this. The transition at 3:30 where it gets a little darker and heavier… that’s a stomping riff. But alas, it ends so quickly. The guitar nerd in me can imagine an extended mix with that section being a bit longer with a ripping guitar solo followed by a transition back to the more upbeat chorus.


Yeah, I didn’t want to use that phrase because it does sound raw, but like a very well mixed raw. I think under produced is the best description I can come up with. It’s well played and written and mixed. It’s just missing the zing.

It’s like it has everything in place to be really good, but just didn’t take that last step.


yeah thats kinda where id like to be where I can have a very good sounding mix where nothing is “wrong” or sticks out and us THAT as a sort of starting point for all kinds of creative mixing decisions for adding excitement and trying different bus compressions etc etc


By the way… I love the title of this thread! lol. 10 points! :beerbanger:


I don’t have much to add that hasn’t already been said. I think this mix is pretty great… it ticks all the boxes for the genre and the singer is on point. I do agree with the comments that it needs that little “something extra”. You nailed the foundation of the mix, now the creative part of mixing kicks comes in to play.

The only other thing I’d mention, and it’s totally a personal thing… is that I’d like to hear some nastier bass guitar. I love me some distorted bass, and I think it would really suit the tune. I’ll listen again to confirm, but I thought the lead could cut through a bit more too.

Thanks for sharing!

EDIT: Listened again on my monitors… lead sounds fine, maybe it could come up a dB or something but it sounds fine as-is. One thing I did notice though, is the left rhythm guitar is pulling my attention more towards it in some sections where both are playing the same riff, be it from the performance or editing or maybe different tones on each side and the left pokes out a bit more. Minor stuff though! Still great!


Wow, sounds pretty awesome to me. I think you nailed it first go - awesome job! :beerbanger:


Ha, I guess you needed to know about brianinogang, the vol thing is imperative before hitting play. :joy:

Thank goodness for no cookie monster vocals. :slightly_smiling_face:

I get a very early 2000’s alternative band feel from this. The band “Trapt” comes to mind, though there is a genre of that era that this seems to emulate multiple aspects of. I say that because you seem to have emulated that well in many ways. It is very listenable.


Wow, it sounds really amazing, the drum performance (if real) is amazing as well.
I really like the overall tone a lot, very spot on. As usual with your work.

By the way, reading comments and listening to the reference above, I should agree that it lacks of something a producer would add to the song.

The reference is very spot on to me since there are some synth layers that add what guitars can’t and some FX (backward tracks, reverbs, weirdos…) to enlight transition from section to section. A bit more of movement (mono to stereo, dry to wet, left to right, lofi to hifi)…

I also was thinking of Linkin Park’ song Breaking the Habit where every section is slighty different, where there are lot of layers used here and there, some special FX, and there is this kinda dogding during the song to make it bigger and bigger.

By the way, top job to me!


Hi Brian. Great work man. The rhythm guitar tone is not really my taste, it’s a bit too thin IMHO. That’s the only thing I would change. That being said, I think you did very well on the overall mix.


Ok, I can see you got tons of comments. All I want to say is I love your voice and sustain. Great track. Love when it slows down and then takes off again.