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Metal Mix
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My mix:

Original mix by Brian Hood:

Hi guys,

I found some time to do a bit of mixing. I found some multitracks online, and gave it a go. I don’t know the guy, but I uploaded his mix, just to ask about the brightnes. Mine sounds a lot darker, and, not that I particularly like his mix, but het got it sounding a lot brighter, specially on the drums. And I was wondering how he got it to sound like that. The original drums sound nowhere near as bright as he got them to sound.

ps: I find the vocal technique pretty bad :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t know the band though

Thanks in advance,

And have a nice weekend !



His mix was probably mixed in a better room with more accurate monitoring
His mix is also a lot cleaner and defined. Maybe you should use his mix for a ref because
it sounds pretty bang on to me.


Hey Takka, thanks for the comment.

my monitoring environment is very awful. I’ll post a pic with my phone :stuck_out_tongue: Still waiting till my house is done, to start focussing on a better room :smiley: On top of that, I only have podfarm2 atm for bass and guitars :smiley:

But still, doesn’t his snare sound a little boomy? As if there was a room mic that wasn’t properly addressed? of a bad choice of reverb. In any case, it has a tail I don’t like.

But also, on second thought, I think he used the triggers. Cause he also added a trigger file for each drum.


When moving boxes act as bass traps :joy:


Yes it sounds like his using samples that is why its so clean sounding .
Reverb is very much a personal choice


True :slight_smile:

I must admit I’m so fond of the trigger sound, in almost any style. At least when it sounds TO obvious.


I think we get used to that sound now days especially in metal where a lot of it is done with drum software


True. I guess the difference lies in how you use the software. Cause I’ve heard plenty of examples where its not THAT obvious. Specially with blast beats and double bass drum patterns.

But again, its all to taste :slight_smile: