METAL Guy Producting EDM... How did I do?

METAL Guy Producting EDM... How did I do?


Hi Guys firstly, I’m a metal guy and I don’t have any idea when it comes to EDM except for the popular songs I hear on the radio. Me and my friend have produced this piece of music for a local high school batch as their batch song. were not sure if its on par with modern edm/pop tracks and I hope you could take a swing on the track. PS its sung on a native language so please pardon the lyrics used. Thanks in advance and cheers!


Ok so I’m a metal guy listening to a metal guy producing EDM :rofl:

The first comment I would make is I don’t consider this EDM at all. It’s more like good old pop music to me. Nothing wrong with that though!

As for the sound, the only thing I thought of the whole listen was how high crazy loud the low end of the bass line is in the mix. It basically swallows everything else that has low end. For EDM (or pop for that matter), the kick should be propelling the tune along, and it should thump and really be felt. I can hear there’s a kick, but I don’t feel it as much as I should. The bass is nice and clear though, and doesn’t feel muddy… I just think it needs to be balanced out with the kick and other low-end instruments and maybe sidechained to the kick, so it ducks a bit on every kick hit which would help the kick punch through, and add some nice movement to the track. There’s a lot of toms and I think some larger drum samples as well, and I think these should be have some more low/low mid punch… and all it might take is dialing back the low end on the bass and balancing things out.

It’s super loud in general too, if you’re smashing it into a limiter (just looked at the waveform and it looks like it) you could probably back off a bit which may help in other areas too.

Otherwise, I think it sounds really good… really like the vocal treatment and the guitars sound nice.

Thanks for sharing!


Hi Blairhall thanks for the tips
"The first comment I would make is I don’t consider this EDM at all. It’s more like good old pop music to me. " - Haha. Im sorry for that. As I’ve said, I don’t know a thing about EDM :rofl:

Yes I’ve tried playing it in the car and all the things that you’ve noticed were spot on. Bass too loud and pushed limiting. Btw I was referencing to the song “Geronimo” by Sheppard. I’m only using 5 inch speakers for mixing and no subs. (Subs are an EDM thing) lol. kidding aside, I should probably get me some subs for my own good. Thank you very much for the advice. I’ll tweak this one and post the next mix.


I put the file in the Orban meter and it looked like 6.9 LUFS, so way too loud on the loudness scale. Brick waveform too, as Blair pointed out. After you deal with the low end it may be better.