Mesa Boogie Triaxis plugin - On sale for $45!

I didn’t like this thing when I first tried it, but going back and listening again a couple years later, I definitely want it. I have a real tri-axis and Simulclass 295 amp - but they’re a LOT of trouble to wire up to record, but I like how versatile this thing is. Anyway, if any of you guitar guys are curious, this one is worth a listen!

Interesting, though the IK Mesa bundle for Amplitube has a lot more stuff, and theirs is $100 but with the Group Buy going on right now you can get lots of other plugins too if you bought that. The IK bundle doesn’t have Triaxis though. I don’t know that I’ve even heard of that model before, how does it compare to other Mesa models?

For some reason I haven’t been that much of a Mesa fan, though there was a lot of buzz about it back in the 70’s because of Santana. I probably like it since I’m a pretty big Metallica fan, and I think the Djent tones use Mesa quite a bit, though I’m not really after that sound … I just find it interesting.

When does the sale end? It just says 72-hour Flash Sale but doesn’t give any details (if you got an email from them, maybe it says?). I hate how many of the sales these days don’t give end dates, drives you crazy wondering if you have time to decide whether to get in on it or not.

Its kind of the amalgamation of every other mesa amp (in my opinion). And it has a practically infinite number of presets which make it really flexible on a live rig, as they can all be patched, programmed, and recalled via midi. BUT… nowhere near as flexible as a plugin inside MainStage! haha.

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