Mercurial Euphoria - Attn Guitar Players!

From the linked page below:

Euphoria is a VST/AU/AAX plugin for Mac and Windows that models Bogner© Ecstasy 101B with an optional Cameron mod switch. It has everything you need for creating perfect guitar tones. Our latest technology Neural Hybrid Engine 1.5 was used to model this device with an absolute precision.

Pete Thorn does a pretty darn good job of demoing it! Check out the demo video. Wow!

I’m a little torn here - I own the U530, the Spark and the SS-11X. All three are spectacular. Spark is exceptional in it’s Marshall-ness. I saw the demo of Euphoria, and it sounds like the other Amps that they offer. But I also know that they throw sales up where they usually give a 30%-50% discount on their prices. At the moment, it’s about $10 off the list price. So I’m going to hold off knowing that they’ll have this on a better sale in a little while.

While you’re on their website, do yourselves a favour and grab their Tubes Creamer 808 (it’s in their Free Stuff section). Genuinely the best TS808 plugin I’ve used. I actually had TS808 re-issue and did a A/B test with it and the plugin. Damn that plugin is close!

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@madpsychot I got the same ones as you as well as Reaxis. They are the best plugins out in my opinion because they absolutely nail tube sounds. I too thought the Euphoria sounded like the other amps. Reaxis is a beast too if you haven’t tried it. I of course prefer my AxeFx stuff over the plugs, but whew, no other plug company has moved me like these guys. I like their stuff better than UAD, IK Multimedia and Revalver combined.

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Cool… sounds really nice. Pete Thorn is a monster too… I could listen to an album of his demos! :wink:

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I’m not even real guitar player and he makes me want to buy it… :sunglasses:

So the Bogner Ecstasy is at the top of my “bucket list” of amps, and there’s never really been a good emulation of one. Tonehub has lots of Ecstasy presets, but those are profiled like a Kemper so there’s only so much tweaking you can do.

Got excited when I saw the Euphoria so I bought it when it was released. I must say, it’s pretty great. Having played through an Ecstasy a number of times, I thought it does a great job with the feel and character of the amp. It can certainly sound like the other Mercuriall amps but I think it’s still got that bit of a Bogner vibe that sets it apart.