Melda's MMultiAnalyzer for $20!

Here’s a good one that I just picked it up and has been on my list for awhile.

Melda’s MMultiAnalyzer:

It’s on sale for a couple more days at VstBuzz. At about $20. I just couldn’t pass it up - that’s cheaper than when it’s on the “Eternal Madness Sale”. (which it happens to be at the moment)

And just a reminder, if you’re new to Melda:

  1. You get a $20 Credit for signing up for their newsletter
  2. If you use a referral code and are a new customer, you get an additional 20% off whatever you buy. Mine is " MELDA2490257 " - or use a friend’s, because they get a 10% credit themselves. :slightly_smiling_face:
    3.The FREE bundle has some excellent plugins as well!

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That’s a significant further discount with VSTBuzz, but I really prefer to not have dozens of vendors. I have never used them before, nor even heard of them. The plugin looks pretty cool though. I noticed a review on that site that sums up Melda pretty good:

As with most Melda plugins, you will get used to the slightly unattractive interface and you will quickly fall in love with everything else about it. Also as with most Melda plugins you can pretty much tweak everything to tailor it to your own needs. We recommend it.

I hadn’t put it into words that well, but yeah I both like and don’t like Melda’s interfaces. There’s something kind of cheesy about them usually, but also a clean simplicity that does have functional value. Looking at that analyzer, the colorful bouncing RTA reminded me of a SpongeBob cartoon. :cowboy_hat_face: :sponge: :squid: :star:

The cool thing is it brings multiple tools together in one place. But what do I do with those 6 other tools I used to use? :thinking: :grimacing: :smirk: :anguished:

This is my first purchase from VSTBuzz and it went through extremely quickly via PayPal.

FWIW, Melda just released v13 with a new look to the UI. It’s still function over form, but once you get used to it, every other Melda plugin becomes that much easier because it’s a modular design and the elements get reused throughout the Melda line.

$20 bucks for this one is just too hard to pass up!

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Yeah, I bought MMultiAnalyzer a year ago. It’s pretty nice. Allows overlays of frequency curves from different tracks, each with their own colors. Nice for tweaking, e.g., EQ for two guitars so they don’t compete for the same parts of the frequency spectrum.

Great price. I’ll have to check out the update, though.

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Ah, I hadn’t updated yet. So how does the VSTBuzz thing work? Do they just send you a Melda license file and then you get the v13 plugin install file from Melda? Or does it all come from Melda after the purchase?

Ah, now that is a cool feature that could easily be worth it. I don’t think I know of another RTA that does that.

Mine came from Melda. No waiting, nothing. Super quick.

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I purchased from Melda directly. Here’s their info, from their site, on MMultiAnalyzer. But it’s $59 there now. No sale.

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