Melda's MDistortionMB

Melda's MDistortionMB



I’ve got a few amp sims and whatnot, and Guitar Rig is definitely my go-to for guitars, but I’ve always been curious about this one for awhile and finally pulled the trigger.

It’s on sale for another day in the “Eternal Madness” for 20 Euros:

I was looking for a quick “something” to add to a guitar track, put this plugin on it and started scrolling through presets. My first impressions are just “WOW!”. I’m not a heavy metal guy(there are plenty of those presets) but I was able to pull up a preset with just enough grit to give the part a little bite, fiddled with a couple of knobs, and move on. Very happy. (And I haven’t even looked at all the dizzying possibilities or even the Multi-band feature! I’m totally thinking this will be killer on bass too!)

You can demo any of the plugins for 2 weeks (I think), fully functional. All the Melda plugins usually go on sale for 1/2 sometime around BF and Christmas. Also, you can get an additional 20% off your purchase by using my referral code (MELDA2490257).


Recording, Mixing Bass

Some MultiBand Notes from over on the Melda forum, I think it was:

Something that isn’t often advertised with the multiband plugins is the fact that there are multiple Multiband modes. They have frequency splits(linear and minimum phase), disabled(parralell processing), left-right, mid-side and a few unique modes.

Level - allows you to control the splits using an envelope, LFO or input volume.

Tonal/transient - lets you process the transient separately from the tonal elements.

Spectral - lets you process the loud parts separately from the soft.

These can be very useful sometimes.

Lots of possibilities!

BTW, there is also a multiband saturator…