Melda offers "3 month free subscription" to its plugins

It looks like Melda is offering a free subscription for use of its plugins for 3 months. From what I can tell, all you need is a login account with them, which if you don’t have one you can just create one. And of course download their plugins which can be a good sized installer. I guess it’s to help you deal with Lonely Lockdown Lamentation (LLL) syndrome. :slightly_smiling_face:

I haven’t tried this myself yet, I just got a newsletter email with the info. So try at your own risk, but it seems pretty straightforward.


You beat me to posting this here. This is a great opportunity to check out some of the “spendy” Melda plugins to see which you like, then wait for them to come up at 1/2 price on the Eternal Madness or the Black Friday sales. The UI is a bit of a learning curve (still learning myself!) but these are top notch plugins! Watch some tutorial on the “Multi-Band” functionality - it’s not just “multi-band”…

Here’s one example:

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Just curious, in terms of thinking this through …
I own a few Melda plugins, and have a few free ones also. So I could theoretically install all their plugins and use them as the full (not demo) version for the 3 months? And then after that … either those unlicensed plugins would go back to demo mode, or I could run the installer and uninstall them? It’s a little bit of work to set all that up (and undo it later), but as you say it could be nice to try some of the other ones.

That’s my understanding. Honestly, I’ve got enough of them that I wanted and still haven’t even really learned to use what I’ve got. But it’s a generous offer!

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