Melda 10 Year Anniversary Sale - 50% Off Everything!

Of special note, if you own a few Melda plugins already, check in your account under “My Licenses” towards the bottom of the page for your Bundle Upgrade price. THAT’s 50% off too! By upgrading to the MEssentialsFX Bundle with the plugins I already owned and a handful of credits, I got MTurboDelay, MLimiterX, MTurboCompLE, and MTurboReverbLE for only $9.50!!! Check it out! :open_mouth:

Don’t forget, if you’re new to Melda, you can get 20% off any purchase using my referral code “MELDA2490257” (or use a friend’s) and a 20 Euro credit for signing up for the newsletter.
(not sure if this is still working or not…)

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