Meeting Contest Requirements

Sorry for the dumb question but, rules state in order to rate mixes and enter we must be a Trust Level 1 member. How do you know when you become a Trust Level 1 member? It appears I have at least 13 post. I started listening to some of the mixes and didn’t want to start voting until I was sure It was cool to do so.

I’m not sure, but I think it just has to do with the number of posts you make. Just go chime in with an opinion on some thread somewhere, even if you don’t have one.

Totally. That’s never stopped us before. :nerd_face:

"Trust Level 1 member you must have 10 posts."
That’s a quote from Holster, from this thread -> IK Multimedia Mix Contest - THE RULES

When I first joined about a year ago and it wouldn’t let me create a new topic I simply went into “inspect element” in Firefox and changed a line of code from “False” to “True” and I was able to post anywhere but the lounge. I’m sure software updates have fixed that loophole though, so don’t try it. Since you have over ten posts you should be able to do whatever.

The idea was to engage people in conversations beyond just the competition. If you post some replies or start some topics, you’ll be a level 1 in no time at all :wink:

I appreciate everyone’s reply, Thank You.

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