Maya ,new mix

Had another crack at it

Hey, as I like this song, I have a listen to this mix again… but I’ll review the mix&master later.

I don’t know why, but this mix (and I don’t remember the previous one so I could repeat what I said) sounds some kinda lofi to me, like it’s reproduced thru a 5" speaker or so…
Or maybe, you tried to mimic some '80 reference mixes and I don’t get it :confused:

I would try to match what I have in mind with an additionnal EQ and here is what I get

with this EQ settings
where (1) is cutting the excessive midrange, (2) add some low-end for beefier kick and bass sounds, (3) is cutting prominent hihat sound, (4) is an HPF to avoid extra low-end, (5) brings back guitars a little after (3) cut, (6) puts vocals a bit on top after (3) cut

If it means anything :confused:
By the way, the mix is still balanced and nothing sounds faulty to me.

Nice job!!

Not really sure what you mean.I posted up on a mixing mastering site on facebook and lots of people said how good it was.Your eq sounds good.Im not really a mastering engineer i just have a go at at it .I’m sure a lot of my stuff could be vastly improved with some good mastering .

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Ok then, I’ll check the mastered version later.
I found this mix a bit shy on the low frequencies and a bit mid-heavy. This is what I tried to achieve/correct with this EQ.