Maya new mix ,mix

Worked hard at this one for 6 hours

The mix sounds good. It’s not a genre I typically work in, so my help may be limited, but the only criticism I have is with the intelligibility of the lyrics. I’m unable to understand them in many places. Maybe that’s by design, but if not, maybe a little boost around 6k might help with that.
Nice work!


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I done more work on the mix and mastered it

Hey, another work from you with a another genre. This kinda synthwave or '80 pop song with '80 synth clichés is something very popular this year.
As @John mentionned, lot of things fight against lead vocal and I agree with him: I think some scooped EQ on instrument busses could let more room to the singer.
I also found the mix a bit mono and some pseudo stereo tricks or short stereo delays could add more stereo widening feeling to the mix.

I really enjoy the song and the mix, nice work for me!

Cheers mate .I will look into this again

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