Matt in Boston

Hello, IRD!

I’m new today! I live in the Boston area and I am currently in an online program to finish my Bachelors. While I’m a marketer in my day job, I’m planning to make a career transition to audio/music - specifically product marketing and development. In a perfect world I would have a role in a NAMM-style company with some side gigs in production.

Looking forward to finding great info on the forum!


Welcome…er…Matt! :wink:


Greetings from Pennsylvania!

Hey Matt! Good to have ya!

Welcome Matt! (to coin a phrase) Glad to have you here. Good luck on your planned career transition!


Welcome. Glad you found us.

Great to have you here!! Feel free to throw ANY questions our way and dive into the conversations. Looking forward to hearing what you’re working on and your progress. Thanks for joining us!!

So you’re from Mattsachusetts? :grin: Welcome aboard.