Mastering Limiters Deathmatch 2020

Mastering Limiters Deathmatch 2020

David (Mr. MixbusTV) goes through a bunch of them. It’s not a “scientific” analysis, but guess who won??

(I’ll put the answer below in case you don’t want to watch clicking through limiters for 1/2 hour…)

Big Clipper by @bozmillar !! I’ve got The Wall on my Mixbus but have never thought to try Big Clipper. (?)
Anyway, congrats Boz! You’ll probably see a BIG spike in sales soon. He’s got 84K subscribers! :astonished:


Awesome, congrats @bozmillar! :raised_hands:

Grats Boz! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: any discounts for IRD peeps?? lol

I’m wondering why The Wall wasn’t included? Obviously there are TONS of limiter plugins out there…

Attaboy, Boz, the sky’s the limiter.