Mastering compressor

What’s everyone’s fav

wall and big clipper combo does pretty good. It lets you control pumping and distortion ratios which is quite neat.
cubase stock brickwall is also decent.
for colored ones, master buss compressor from waves is good

Just been trying the DDMF Magic death eye. Really nice .My main go to is the Townhouse buss comp. Limiter i use Dmg limitless mostly

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Depends on the music. I used to use the Waves API 2500 on my master buss, because when I worked with professional mastering engineer Greg over at Rare Form Mastering, he was using a real one on every track. He also had a Requisite L2M.

The Waves API 2500 is pretty good i think

My go-to for rock is Slate’s FG-Red (Focusrite compressor emulation). I’m also very fond of T-Racks Classic Compressor for less aggressive material. Sometimes I use both (just don’t tell anyone! :shushing_face: ). Also had good success with the Waves API 2500. My go-to limiter chain is Waves L2 into Boz’s The Wall (Apparently it is also illegal to use more than one limiter, or so I’ve heard :shushing_face: ) :smile:

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I use two sometimes .Only stated using a limiter on vox busses 2 weeks ago. Learn something new everyday lol

It is… mix law 340 kbps section 24b sub-section 44.1k. I have informed the Mix police.

wall is awesome

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Usually IK’s SSL Bus comp plugin, just because I know it so well.

But, sometimes their 33609 if it’s a less punchy mix and I want to thicken up/ unify the midrange more.

Also, it might sound crazy but Waves BSS compressor is surprisingly and strangely useful on mix bus if you want something that doesn’t piss about - it compresses firmly and controls the signal peaks but without collapsing the soundstage… Metering is a bit limited for the 1-3dB kind of range of compression that you’d probably use on a mix bus, but if your DAW shows compression GR on its mixer view that gives you a clue what’s going on.

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Not as such a mastering comp but has anyone used this MSI Stereo Buss Compressor by Studio Toolz - Dynamics (Compressor / Limiter) Plugin VST (

This has to be one of the best comp i have heard full stop .Drums etc Jesus Christ

I have liked all of those also. In the case of the 33609 (IK Precision Comp/Limiter) and the Waves BSS DPR-402, they can work as a compressor and/or limiter. I was quite taken with the BSS, which is perhaps a lesser known tool from the analog hardware days. It can look a bit intimidating at first with its multitude of functions, and can require a bit of a learning curve, but it’s kind of like a Swiss Army Knife.

Never used one. My final mixdown shows between 2-6db over. It asks me do you want to exit and repair.
I say hell no, I can’t hear nuthin bad. My final track does not at all resemble a trimmed hedge. ha ha

Lately I’ve been using Coral2 by Acustica Audio a lot. I’m still exploring its many possibilities and setting combinations but so far I’m impressed and I’m pretty sure it is going to be my go-to mastering compressor in most cases.

I use Reacomp followed by Elephant on every project (‘pretend’ mastering on the 2-bus).