Mask - Never get old

Mask - Never get old


Hi Everyone,

I’m not very active here, but I would greatly appreciate some thoughts…

I never finish anything, so I’m quite happy to have one almost done.

Thanks for your ears.




Well, @Kakeux, this was very beautiful. The melody was precisely likable, and the arrangement and performance was superb. At first, the folk singer/songwriter simplicity seems to be the whole story, but what is to come is more organized than that, and it builds on the almost gospel story, but fortunately it doesn’t go that direction. And how did you get Willie to play at 1:28? You don’t have the best voice or range, but you stay in tune and have captured a warm, trustable tone. It really shines when you finally bring in the harmony vocals, too.

One day you might add bass and drums, maybe a piano or strings, and it is a good enough song to be able to include all that as if it were always that way; however, this version, this essence, is still likely to be my favorite. On top of that, you have a perfect radio ready recording to my untrained ears. Good job!


Hi Steban,

Thanks a lot for your nice words. I’m not sure what I’ll do whit it.

And yes, I definitly don’t have a perfect voice so I tried to work around my flaws the best I can.

Willie is a good friend…ahahahahah

Thanks again for your ears and time.



nice stuff. A little too close to country for my taste but well done. It seems to me like the mix fits the vibe that you are going for.


Thanks Redworks, that’s really the furthest I went in my country journey.

Thanks again


@Kakeux! Long time no see! Great to have you on. This is coming along great!! Hope to hear some more from you soon


Thanls Holster!

Yes, it’'s been a long time.

I hope I’ll have more to share soon…I’m really not good at finishing songs.

Thanks again


Hi Kakeux,
I like it! Just a beautiful simple country/folk song that gathers strength as it goes. I agree with Steban that this basic version will probably remain the best. No need to add bass & drums. I like the way the guitars are each panned way out left and right, with the vocals down the middle. Though the guitar parts are quite different they are well balanced and very distinct. I’m listening on my laptop speakers by the way, so I can’t say anything about tonal balance. Anyway its the song that counts.


Hi Aef,

Thanks for your nice words and your time!


I hear ya! I’m the same way. That’s part of why I’m trying to facilitate more songwriting content on here also. It helps motivate me when I see folks collaborating on lyrics etc on here.


Hi This just mellows me right out. Heartfelt…congrats


Thanks Feaker, glad you like it!


Hi K, nice melody - really different for you. For me, the best part was the harmonies - they sound very good. I like the simple presentation. A nice bit fo fiddle or harp wouldn’t go astray if you wanted to flesh out the arrangement a little more.

Just watch the last “s” sound on the word “days” @ 2:36 - that really jumps out in a strange “papery”-sounding manner, as all the “s” sounds from the backing vocals stack up together.

Nice to hear from you again!


This sounds good on my work laptop. I’ll give it the “iPad test” later. I agree with @ColdRoomStudio about a little harp or fiddle. Well done.


Thanks ColdRoom and BigAl.

For the fiddle or the harp, that could be cool. If only I knew how to play it. I don’t have enough skills to get a fake one to sound good.


I wonder if @bozmillar could pull that off with that gadget he has!


That could be cool…or if anyone want to try something, I’m open for contribution.



I got to say, I really enjoy this track. The dryness of the vocals and how close Everything feels. It’s a very honest sounding track. I appreciate the fact that you used restraint when it comes to adding too much production. I feel like you’ve added just enough to keep the song colorful as you listen through without losing the closeness. I’m very glad you did not add drums or Bass. In my point of view it would lose its heartbreaking but rough and honest sound.

I also really enjoy the sound of your voice. It has this hardened By life, broken feel with a smudge of honesty.

Great song. Cheers friend


Hi Fstarf1,

Thanks a lot for the nice words. I’m really glad you liked it.

About my voice, it’s the point I’m the less confident with. So your comment is more than encouraging.



Listened to it again just now and I have to tell you: I could listen to this all day! When’s your next album coming out?
There’s this thing about music I don’t rationally understand. I like very complex music, from Stravinsky to Radiohead. I’m irritated by the fact that so much present day ‘pop’ music is so simplistic. But then, a really honest 3 or 4 chord song like yours could hit me more than anything else. How does that rhyme? Why do I like Neil Young’s acoustic songs so much? Does anybody else recognise this?

Oh and don’t worry about your voice. I worry enough about mine. Maybe the slight fragility of your voice makes the song so powerful. I don’t know. I love it anyway :heart_eyes: