Marewill(Jazz fusion)

This is a jazz fusion song I wrote a few weeks ago. I’m not quite sure the mixing is right. Sometimes I think its ok and others I think I messed it up. Any suggestions.

2nd version with less reverb

I wanted it to sound a bit like this


Hi Chandler, I don’t have access to my studio speakers at the moment, so it’s a bit hard for me to be very authoritative about what I’m hearing.

Just listening on my HD650 headphones, and comparing the reference track, the most obvious thing I notice is that your drum sound is very different.

I feel like the snare on your track is very roomy sounding with a lot of ambience on it, and the drums in general seem to be very set back in the soundstage. Also, the AH track has a really crisp and present attack on the snare drum, which I don’t hear in your track.

That’s not to say your mix is not “right”… I’m just noticing the differences that immediately strike me. I hope that makes sense and helps in some way.


Hi @Chandler, I think your track sounds great, I listened several times. I think your guitar sound matches up well with AH and CRS has given us good insights into the difference in your drum sound.

I don’t know if you’re playing the drums on this but I’d like to hear a little more groove and a little less color from the drums, I think that would make them more supportive. Good work!

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I am simply enjoying the cool jazz.
Reminds me of my stay in San Diego, CA for about 12 years.
Enjoyed all the free jazz concerts during the summer.
The mix is right in my ears, the cool guitar sits just right above the drums.
Thanks for sharing.

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@Chandler! Please post more of these! Even without saying so, I can definitely pick up on some of that Holdsworth influence, I heard a bit of early Frank Gambale (Chick Corea) in it too. Excellent stuff! I do agree with @ColdRoomStudio that some of the drum ambiance would be pulled back a bit so it sits with the band. Either way, I’m really digging this!! :beerbanger:

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@ColdRoomStudio Thanks. I agree that perhaps the reverb is a bit too much. I just remixed it and made a drier version that is a bit more crisp. The feedback is much appreciated.

@ingolee The drums are actually programmed. I wanted to do a somewhat free drum thing that just accented things, but perhaps I didn’t get it quite right. I’m not a drummer, but I try. Thank you for the help.

@ReneAsologuitar Thanks. Summer in CA listening to jazz sounds fun. I wish I was there now, its too cold here.

@holster Thank you. I did another version that has less reverb on the drums. I hope it sounds better.

hi The first twenty seconds almost sounded like a setting I use once in a while called swell. Hard to tame.
I don’t know a thing about jazz, but I found the piece very relaxing. liked the very fast lead guitar and 1:58 ish. Impossible for me to do…congrats and good luck with yur track

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Oh man! That updated version! :beerbanger:
Seriously, I want to hear more of your stuff @Chandler. This is killer!!
I’ve been on a real instrumental kick lately. Lots of Cory Wong, Andy Timmons, Snarky Puppy, Mark Lettieri. I’m glad to see that’s becoming more relevant again :slight_smile:

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Nice improvement- much crisper and clearer. Lovely playing too.

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@holster Thanks. I like all of them, but especially Andy Timmons. I met him randomly in an airport a few years ago.

@ColdRoomStudio Thank you. I’ll stick with this version.

Thank you everyone for the feedback and help.


He seems like a genuinely nice guy. I love his willingness to share what he knows and how he obtains his tones.

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