Manic Mix Off entry deadline is today!

I hope all of you that were submitting an entry have done so! I’m shutting 'er down at 11:59pm PST.

After the final entries are in, I’ll leave the threads open for people to complete rating and critiquing mixes. We’ll keep that open for another week or so to give you all a chance to check all the entries. Good luck to all of you! It has been fun to see what all of you have come up with. And thank you to @bozmillar and @ColdRoomStudio for helping make this possible!


Ah, good to know! I had been wondering about that. I hadn’t seen it posted in any of the rules or anything.

Question: I hadn’t seen anything posted about “guidelines” for voting and rating mixes … did I miss that? Obviously, anyone can vote any way they want to, but at some point in the RR SDC Brandon laid out some guidelines that people could follow (if they wished) as to what a reasonable rating might be for a certain amount of skill and creativity in a mix. While it is very subjective, some idea of mix ‘quality’ or what the band might presumably approve. Or a range, from “I wouldn’t play that track to my dog” to “your mix should be entered in the Hall of Fame”, etc.

I don’t recall what Brandon’s exact criteria were, but I feel I have a sense of what his intent was which is what I’m going by. I just think it could help bring the whole thing a bit more cohesiveness.

I had one more day to fine tune, thought time was up! :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Thank you guys @bozmillar, @ColdRoomStudio and @IndieRecordingDepot for this great contest. Truly fun and learned a lot!!! Kudos!!! :beerbang::drums2:

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Here they are:

What Am I Rating?
You are rating song excitement just like you do when you listen to music for fun. While you may or may not have technical ability, we all get excited by “good” music and we all understand that there is mixing component to that. If there are distractions to this excitement, rate it accordingly.

The Ratings Scale
#5 – EXCITING Mix!!! Full blown major label quality MEGA mix. Feels great, really great.
#4 – Exciting Mix. Really, really good home recording-type mix. Feels pretty damn good.
#3 – Not bad. There are some great elements, but there some sizable flaws that detract from the songs intensity.
#2 – Good try. You’ll be a lot better in a year.
#1 – You REALLY need Killer Home Recording.

From (RR works today :grin:)


Awesome! I think those are the old rules though? It went from a 5-point scale to a 10-point scale at some point because people complained the ratings couldn’t get ‘granular’ enough (i.e. 7 of 10 gives you a choice in between 3 of 5 and 4 of 5).

But the spirit of those guidelines is what I remember.

In those terms, between 6-8 is a pretty good mix at different levels of quality. 5 or below is a pretty crappy mix. :poop: :cry: 9-10 are pretty rare and hard to come by in a competition such as this. I think they are reserved for Jesus-level mixing. :pray:

And how does one explain excitement vs. technical flaws in a meaningful way? Is there a differentiation between “taste” and oversight?

BTW @ncls, how did you get to RR? It automatically forwards to IRD now.

I think we’ll definitely set up similar guidelines on the next contest. I kept the first one pretty loose (except for the rediculous fine print :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) knowing that it was the first one AND there weren’t going to be as many entries yet.

I really like how you worded a lot of that @Stan_Halen!

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And seeing how it played out on this contest, that 6-8 range seemed to fall into place without too much prompting. Super cool!

This was how I rated mixes during SDC…

without taking care about technical flaws or so.
Do I like it very well or not?
A “radio-ready” mix in Australia could sound odd in US or in Germany :confused:

I did nothing, I think the redirection isn’t working…
Brandon said the forum was hacked and so the auto-forward function I suppose :confused:

Edit: it is back on :stuck_out_tongue: