Mandolorian Theme - Piano

My son put together this piano version of the Mandolorian theme, so I figured I’d take the opportunity to record it and film it for fun.



Nice. How old? How long has he been playing? Did he figure this out all himself?

Very cool! Looks like he’s “a chip off the old block” as we say here. :+1:

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He’s 12. He’s been taking lessons for a few years now, although I don’t remember exactly how long. He usually uses youtube to learn songs, but this one he did by listening to the original.

Oops. I guess I spelled Mandalorian wrong. Making videos is a pain.

Very nice.


Ahhh, a young man without his iPhone. Congrats dad on good genetics. (he’s good)

Ha. I hated piano when I was 12. He’s way ahead of where I was.

I take full credit for anything good he does. When he does dumb stuff, it’s obviously genetics and there’s nothing I could have done about it.

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Really nice playing. I like his dynamics and sense of timing…Timing is one of the most difficult aspects to do well, so as not to look/ sound like an amateur. This piece of music has a great mood/ feel.

How long has he been playing and what grade/ level is he at with his piano lessons?

He’s been playing for a few years. I think he’s been taking lessons for 3 years-ish? I have no idea what that means in terms of level. I don’t know how levels are determined with piano.

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That seems impressive for just 3 years of playing.

Can I trade the five years of ice hockey I did for three years of piano, please?
My six or so hospital visits, legendary checkings (not trading the one where I flipped one of the school clowns over the board to the concrete beyond, by the way…), blood, sweat and tears for piano grace?


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Congratulations Boz!