ManAbyss - Swing that fever away

ManAbyss - Swing that fever away
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Hello everybody,

So, here’s my take on it.
Actually our take.
My band, Smokin’ Wood, we were already doing a similar cover of the song. Just tried to take it a step further for the contest.
I wish I had more time to work on it but I’m already writing to you from my summer job from which I’ll be back “in gear” by September.

I wish you all good luck and I’m expecting to hear some really great stuff from all contestants!

Have a good summer everybody!

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This sounds great! Nice work! :+1:


Very well done. Love her voice and harmony. Kind of a lounge feel to it. Love to hear her sing this much slower. that is just me. Very professional on all counts. Congrats



@ColdRoomStudio & @feaker Thx for your kind words.

Even though I did a fast swing version, I too believe that Fever’s nature is to be slow, sweaty and dragging… :blush: It’s only due to lack of time for experimentation that I went on with what I already was doing with the band.


This is so awesome!! I love the uptempo swing to this :beerbanger:
I’m impressed @ManAbyss. I’d love to hear more from your band. You should send a bunch of stuff our way!!


Thank you @holster! Really means a lot.

Here are some samples/teasers of our band.
We recorded them 4-5 years ago and use them when we want to book a gig.


That is awesome! Your band, your cover - great singer too. Well done!


Thx @miked!
Looking forward to hearing your version!


I don’t know how I missed this… it is fantastic!! Totally pro all the way. Beautiful mix, super clarity in all components, great dynamics and interest developed throughout the song. And amazing musicianship and talent on display. Killer!!


Well done. Not much to say technically. I would say that i would have preferred it slower but as you said this is what you were doing and time.


@Chordwainer & @redworks Thank you for taking the time to listen and for your kind words.
Really looking forward to hearing your covers!


Great cover! Well played and fantastic voice. Also well recorded: live I assume?
The tempo and lightness of the song seems to be in some sort of contrast to the lyrics. Like a comment: “don’t you take this fever thing too seriously!”


Thx @Aef!
It was recorded one instrument at a time.
Drums programmed Superior Drummer 2.
I agree as I already mentioned that this song is meant to be slower and “sweaty” like a fever.
I had no time for experimentation unfortunately so I did what I was doing with the band at the time.
Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment.
Waiting for your final version!


You fooled me! It really has a live feel. Including the use of SD2. I use it myself to programme drums and know it’s a lot of work to make it sound more or less live! Do you have a good sounding room to record, or do you add the ambience in the box?
About the fast tempo interpretation: I think it makes your version more interesting than a faithful reproduction. As I said, to me it’s like a comment on the original: don’t take this fever thing toooo seriously…
Maybe a bit like this contest :innocent:(dangerous thing to say :cold_sweat:)

My final version will be arriving some time this week. Doing the mastering thing (or what I think you’re supposed to do in mastering), which is more or less trial and error. I have about 6 masters to choose from. Still deciding which sounds best.


Not treated at all… Carpets, book shelves & a sofa is my acoustic treatment! :sweat_smile:

I used the brushes on this one and simple playing. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. You know how it is.

That’s good to hear. Actually most of the bass & rhythm guitar parts are 4 or 8 bars copy/paste…
Guitar is a blend of mic & line.
Bass directly on the soundcard.


Nice take on this one George. The only mix critiques I’d have is that - for me - the drums were too quiet or they were poking out of the mix. The ride was the first thing I noticed, then the rim shots (1:50). Somehow the drum kit levels felt off, if that makes sense. This sounds a little negative which it’s not intended to be. Solid performances all around for sure. My particular favorite parts (other than your vocalist) are the piano break and how you arranged the ending. :grinning:


This is really good!
I like the guitar parts and the jazzy vibe.
Nice singing too. I like how she sings that little harmonized vocal lick at 2:14. Very cute, creative and sexy sounding.

I don’t think I would have mentioned this if miked hadn’t but I think he makes a good point. Regardless, this is an excellent submission!


Such a lively, swingy, jazzy nightclubby rendition, @ManAbyss! To my amateur ears, this is a perfect production of a perfect and quite enjoyable performance. I have listened several times in the past month, and it holds up well. The style is traditional, no surprises, could have been recorded in the 50s or 60s, but to my knowledge nobody has covered it so uptempo, so I admit that is the one big surprise. At first that put me off a bit, but I’ve gotten accustomed to it already! Had you slowed it down a lot it would be “better”, but it might not have been as “good”.

A bold interpretation!

Now how do I tell if I haven’t already voted?


Thx for your comments Steban.
If you’ve already voted the circle by the number you voted would be checked.


This sounds great on the iPad Pro. I dig the upbeat tempo.