@ManAbyss (George) ...what is it like recording music in Greece?

Are there a lot of people that record their own music in Greece? I never had a chance to visit many of the studios. Are they different than the ones in America? If so then how? Tell us!!

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It would be nice to hear about this. I am interested @ManAbyss.

I think that many people are starting to record their own music at home.
This is due to the crisis for one reason (some studios have closed) but also because today it is perfectly possible to make a professional record at home.
Unfortunately the quality of the music made in Greece is low. In the most part at least. It’s usually a bad imitation of foreign dance/pop style or a combination of traditional music with modern elements. A rarely listen to Greek music. New greek music that is.
Regarding the studios (i wish i knew how they are in America) but I am guessing they are more or less the same. You can find from really small to big time studios.
One of the best is in Santorini where also famous American artists record. Check out Joe Bonamassa’a Black rock album