Make it all go away...thanks contributors

This is a song about losing friends. I have a couple chords in there that I use that I don’t have names for.
I have an acoustic on one side, PRS on the other, bass, EZdrummer, main vox, and harmony vox. Pretty simple stuff.

Anyhow sorry for the poor vocal-allergies. Not much of a song, but I always post them anyway. Best to you’s guys

We’ve lost …some love… along the way ….there’s fear… I feel… in what i say
It saddens me… the haters have come to play… F#A B FAB
their visciousnes…turns blue skies into grey
Make it all go away I wanna come out and play

I once had a real good friend…but friendships are sometimes fragile Bm F#m G F#M G D A
Ike fences some words we have said can not and will not be mend Bm F#m G F#M G G A

Sometimes I think maybe it’s me ….what have I missed what don’t I see
It saddens me…. it’s just no way to be…it hurts my heart… I wish I could set it free
Make it all go away bbbc#a I wanna come out and play g#…a

So back off…re …frain… lose your hate… and take a look inside A Aug A7 D
I wanna see…some harmony…. Inside-a-me …just forget my pride

I once had a real good friend…but friendships are sometimes fragile Bm F#m G F#M G D A
Ike fences some words we have said can not and will not be mend Bm F#m G F#M G G A

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Paul, I really like this. That chord progression is quite Beatles-esque, really cool.

I like how the drums move from sidestick and quieter to more pronounced later, but I would dispense with most of the flourishes and tom fills to make it a little more straightforward. I found those to be just a little distracting, made me lose lock on the lyrics for a bit.

Of course hoping your vocal situation improves from the dust mite mitigation! But honestly, this vocal works, especially with the dry treatment on the lead vox, it’s very intimate, which suits the message really well IMO (a message that resonates with me big time). I would bring up the harmony vox though, it’s quite faint.

Good stuff!

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Hi Dave Yeah I had John Lennon whispering in my ear with all those minor chords in a row. Oh well.
I got rid of most of the drum crap. I am going to play the drums to this myself when I get back home.

When you go to sing a verse note and nothing comes out it is like …what the?

I’m going to work on some kind of ending next.

Think of a song topic and maybe we can do a colab again. Oh wait, you aren’t retired and don’t have tons of extra time like retired old folks.
Have an good one and thanks

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I’d be up for collaborating again with ya anytime Paul. Yes, my time isn’t plentiful, but starting to get those creative juices flowing a bit more lately…

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I like the ideas you have here, Paul. The lyrics are nice too.

Keep on writing, man !

The following was supposed to be a PM to Dave. You can go ahead and read it tho…I don’t mind :slight_smile:

Yeah I contacted SW on a quote. You were spot on for the set up. I will pull the trigger on this one for sure.

Hey Paul,

Thanks for reaching out! We perform a 55 point inspection on the guitar before it goes up for sale, but that is not as intensive as a full blown setup. On an acoustic guitar like that, a pro setup would be $60

Total would be $634.94 + tax.


Matt Masek

Senior Sales Engineer

Sweetwater Sound

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Another lovely melody, Paul. Love the augmented chord - so unusual to hear these days. Hope your vocal chords free up again soon!

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So Paul, did you go for the Breedlove Pursuit? I’m digging mine more and more every time I play it. Have fun!

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Wifey poo is on board, so it is a done deal. Getting the pro set up too. Excited

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There are websites like this that will tell you the chord name if you like:

Now to the song.
This is awesome! Love the vocal delivery despite the obvious issues you’ve been having. That melody at 1:26- 1:36! That’s my favourite part of the whole song, even went back to listen to it again!

I have some mix preferences that I’d alter, but I’m not going to waste your time with them as they are merely a personal preference and your song does exactly what it needs to.
Man, that line “I once had a real good friend…” really hits the mark, delivery and melody wise.
Really loved this song, Paul!

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Hi Daniel I just checked out and bookmarked the site. That first series F# A B is an F#m add 11th. :slight_smile:

I have always messed with different chords arrangements (like Emma), but this chart is going to help when I get in a questioned chord frown mode. thanks for this

I think folks always want your two cents about arrangement and mixing ideas. My stuff is always rough, so any little comment makes it a lot more fun. Alter away :slight_smile:

About the line “I once had a real good friend” It is very true. Mostly because of foolish trivial stuff.

Thanks for your thoughts. I really appreciate it

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Thanks. I generally like to leave some sort of constructive feedback, even just a little as it helped me immensely during the 12 month mixing contest at Recording Review all those years ago. It really helped my ear and I critique the Bash This Recording stuff here with the same mindset.
But in this case, I felt like I’d be offering nothing to make the song or production better. Rough is fine and imperfection is good too and I just think overall this song you have made does exactly what it should and I wouldn’t touch it (even though I said “I would”!)


Very melodic. I agree with the Beatlesque comments; the melodies and chord changes are well done, and your vocal delivery reminds me of John Lennon on Across The Universe.
I can hear some George Harrison slide figures helping you out from the bridge to the end, just some simple high crying accompaniment.
The only mix comment I’d make is I’d like to hear the guitars just a touch more to drive things a bit more.
Nice song, good job.

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Hey Bob I was just thinking of you today. There is tons of talent on this forum. It would be great to harvest a little form everyone and do a giant colab…Song Idea/lyics…melody line…bass…drums…guitars/acoustic and electric…keys… Then the mixing.

As far as the song, I did notice the vox was lacking support. I try to start reducing volumes until I can hear all the words. I start by EQing the lows on the guitars. Then I can heat the vox better, but it now sounds weak/thin. I don’t know what I am doing for sure. I think I don’t hear that freq range very good and jack the vox a bit.
Thanks for the vist Bob

Losing friends is not fun. Your song is heartfelt. Sounds very nice. The vocals match the lyrical topic. Audio quality is good all around. Very well done all around! :slight_smile:

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Beautiful song, Paul. Very gentle. Pleasant to listen to and depth of lyrics. Love your instrumentation. Well done, friend.

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