MacOS upgrade warning: compatibility issues

Ugh. Looks like some major compatibility issues for Catalina (latest MacOS upgrade). According to Pro Tools Expert, Catalina is incompatible with “virtually all pro audio and music production software and hardware,” including Native Instruments, Blue Cat Audio, Acustica Audio, FXpansion, FabFilter, Korg, Also, Presonus, Ableton and more.



I think this is more to do with the developers builds and not committing to an update until the final public release is out. It’s due in October so I would give these companies a few weeks until updates are issued. Some companies really do take a huge amount of time to get their updates sorted out - but hopefully the likes of Fab Filter and Pro Tools can have their updates done in a timely fashion

Update on the Catalina upgrade for Mac users, per Plugin Boutique. They’re saying to still hold off. Not ready yet.

The biggest issues to be aware of is that Catalina will be removing 32bit compatibility, and also that they are tightening up their security protocols so software developers need to upgrade their installers and get them approved/verfified by Apple. Still a no go.

For more info:

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Thanks for the heads up.