MAAT DRMeter Mk2 metering plugins

MAAT DRMeter Mk2 metering plugins


@OMas from MAAT…

Can you tell us a little more about the DRMeters Mk2 and why/how its different/better than Waves, Nugen, Izotope, Tc Electronics, or stock Nuendo meters.

Thanks…looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


Hey Jonathan,

Sure, here goes…we at MAAT have intimate knowledge of metering, both standards and implementation. Some of the unique features of DRMeter MkII (DRM2) are:
• DRMeter MkII is the first loudness measurement tool specifically designed for music as well as broadcast production & post
• DRMeter MkII combines R128 & A/85 metering with DR & DRi Dynamic Range measurement
• It’s the only Loudness meter that displays channel–specific trends and events by augmenting mandated mono measurements with classic L/R metering to control problem areas without the need of another meter
• DRM2 premiers the Dynamic Deviation™ & Dynamic Margin™ functions, for an intuitive presentation of current dynamic density compared to Target Loudness & TP Threshold
• DRMeter MkII is the first loudness meter with DualVu™, displaying both Relative and Absolute scales simultaneously for more intuitive and easier to understand measurement.

In addition, DRMeter MkII features include:
• Multiple metering modes are visible simultaneously making important parameters foremost for specific job demands (You can set up your fave collection of metrics as a preset)
• Measurement proceeds for all metrics in the background, allowing for quick switching of standards without losing context
• Dynamic Deviation™ offers lucid Loudness management when mastering for different Loudness–normalized music distribution platforms
• Individual Left/Right values for Max. Short Term, Max. Momentary & True Peak to spot trends & channel–specific issues
• Three metering modes: L-Mode (Loudness), D–Mode (Dynamic Range) & Integrated (Loudness)

  • Mode toggles between RMS, Momentary & Short–term Loudness
  • Mode toggles between DR (estimated DR), PSR (SPPM–to–Short–term Ratio) & LRA (Loudness Range)
  • Integrated Mode toggles between DRi (DR) & LUi (Program Loudness)
    • 30 dB Zoom Scale for non–broadcast applications
    • R128 Gate defeat for non–EBU regions & channels
    • Real time, one button Mastered for iTunes (MfiT) metering and monitoring seamlessly integrates MfiT into mastering workflows

One thing to notice is the inclusion of the emerging PSR standard rather than the non–standardized PLR. There’s plenty more info on our product page, and in the downloadable user manual in our Support section…Hope this answers many of your questions.


@OMas, any chance a 5.1 version is coming down the road?


Hey Jonathan,

Fer sure. Multichannel versions of all our products are on the development roadmap. We gotta get the stereo versions out first though!
We’re considering MPEG-H support as it includes all forms, including (old skool) discreet, objects and Ambisonics.



That’d be really cool!! I would love try the ambisonics version if you guys are able to pull it off. How difficult would it be for you guys to develop this? Is it the same technology in a different box? Or do you have to re-think the thing all together?


A bit of both actually. Though the whole UX is different for stereo and multichannel, some of the underlying code could be modified and reused.
We’ll see…Can’t put the cart before the horse just yet!