M-Audio BX5 5" Monitors $49


These have been my main mixing monitors the last few years. All I’ve done is add a sub to fill out the low end. I got them on a “Stupid Deal Of The Day” from Musician’s Friend for like $125 a piece - and I thought that was good. This is a CRAZY good deal!

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out of stock. boo.

Yeah, those were pretty popular when I carried them. Good monitors if you can still find them

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@holster - Bryan, you should set up a permanent banner or button somewhere on the site so we can check your store before making purchases. I had no idea you carried stuff like this! Do you sell plugins too? :yum:

@bozmillar - there is a note on there that says “More on the Way”. Maybe you can pre-order them? That is a really great price!

Yeah, I had considered that, but I didn’t want to make this site is just a giant shop advertisement, lol.
But yes, I can also do plugins for sure. That’s actually something I started working on a while back to integrate with the site directly, so it supports the site. I’d still love to make that work, I just need some help putting it together. It’s a lot of work!

That’s an incredible deal.

The BX5’s are what I use in my home studio. I’m very satisfied with them.

Now instead of “Out of stock” it says “Discontinued”. :disappointed: