Lyrics identify a certain place from my childhood..have a guess

In the years 1960 to about 1964 (11 to 14) my buddies and I were really tight. I put together some lyrics yesterday that I will develop into a song soon. Where am I talking about.
My family guessed the toilet and in my mind. My youngest daughter solved it immediately because she has stories of that time period.

There’s a place I go when I am weary… a place where no one knows G-C G-C
I’ve used it as a young boy…. in trouble I would go G-C…D
Not so fancy tough to use…. sorta hard to find C G
I never took my I-phone ….and always went alone F C G

You can guess my special place…you can look around C G D G chorus
Hidden from this crazy world where peace and calm are found C G D
Everyone should have a place like this when they feel down C G D G
I daydream bout my childhood friends…alone without a sound F C G

I can hear the laughter… I just felt a punch G-C G-C
My budies chomping carrots…a chorus rising crunch G-C…D
Cattail fights and hide and seek…night fall curfew rings C G
We’ll meet again tomorrow… when morning birds first sing F C G

I know I can’t go back to them… they’ve all moved away G-C G-C
I’m glad I’ve not forgotten…those memories will stay G-C…D
Mixed emotions going back my mind feels warmth and pain C G
I have not …one regret… I’d do it all again F C G