Luna a great little guitar...just bought a 3/4 safari for $169

Luna a great little guitar...just bought a 3/4 safari for $169


Anybody thinking of buying an acoustic guitar, i would strongly suggest a Luna. I bought one for my granddaughter Grace a couple of years ago and although it is a mini, the sound and action is amazing. The real problem for beginners is that the strings push down so hard, a kid has a bad first impression. Not this series and you can actually lower them further)
Anyhow, I just found out they make a 3/4 size and I just ordered one for my apartment here. $169 with shipping from amazon. Amazing you can get this for that price. Check out the reviews. I will name my tick…ya know lunatic


My beloved labrador retriever is named Luna… she’s the BEST.


Yeah, she’s way more cool than any ole guitar. Sweet face


Luna makes some quality stuff for the money! I’ve been pretty impressed with their ukes too


Hey Mr. F , I think what the boss is telling you here is that you coulda bought it from him?


Hi bud I did not know that boss sells stuff. where do I go to find this out. I buy lotta things


@holster can verify or correct this.


I don’t see any Luna’s there, but I have the same PRS that is shown. I will shop there tho


I think he can get stuff other than what is shown, like a special order type thing maybe, but he’ll let us know.