Lowest hanging fruit to make lots of easy money in music?

I was talking to someone the other day and he mentioned that his kids love “kidz bop” so I looked them up. Those guys found a golden ticket. Just take the top songs of any given time, then re-record the songs and have kids sing them. I don’t think you can have an easier gig than that, and I bet they’re raking in tons of money from it.

What are some of the most amazing, 100% sellout options that are available? Stuff that’s just so easy it should be illegal. As I understand it, there’s a pretty big market for kids music, but I’m sure there’s lots of other stuff that’s dead easy that nobody is doing because it’s not cool.

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‘Star for a day’ gifts. Download a stereo karaoke track, let someone sing along to it, record it and mix it as best you can, two hours later $boom.

A similar theme: kid’s parties. Instead of parents taking them to the usual Macdonald’s party, they can bring their kids to your studio to stand round a mic, and basically do the same as above ^.

Go mobile. Have laptop will travel, record school choirs, recitals etc. Most of your stuff is probably already mobile to a degree, it doesn’t take much to pack the bare essentials into a car.

I do all of these - I feel dirty but it pays the mortgage.

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Nice. But those things are by nature unscalable, because they are limited by the amount of time you have. They’re an easy market, but not an easy big money market, unless maybe you are automating it and making a franchise out of it, which seems like lots of work.

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I met somebody who had made something very similar to Kidz Bop, I’m guessing he copied the idea because I had already heard of Kidz Bop before I saw his thing. Yeah, I thought “what a gravy train”. I think he had sold at least a few thousand CD’s.

Some of the New Age music stuff sells pretty well, if you hit on something people like and feel ultra-spiritual listening to. Music for yoga and meditation tracks too. These can be much different than contemporary music; you don’t want to build ‘excitement’ necessarily, they are meant to be relaxing and flowing. In many of them I hear synthesizers and synthesized voices, and somewhat repeating but randomized phrases. Those are not the good ones (i.e. “organic sounding”) but many people probably don’t know the difference and shell out $12 for a CD or downloads. You could probably do a whole album in an afternoon with the programmed/randomized stuff. Of course, don’t forget to light candles and incense while composing. :wink:

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How about multiple covers of John Cage’s 4:33 by international artists?

I bet the people who own those catalogs are also quite happy.

Yup. Christmas music and educational media.

Except at McDonalds they get fed lol

lol. Don’t know how you could collect any royalties on that one!

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Cat videos. Hello all, I’m new here and being a touch facetious, but it always astounds me how many views they get, so why not have at least one music video with cat/s in it?

The business model could be marketing a music video with cats or babies or other animals in them for musicians.

I’ve had this video idea for one of my own songs for years with surfing kittens in it, but alas I’m not really able to do it myself, even though I can practically visualize the whole thing.

Motto: The one thing between fame and anonymity is a cat in your video…


That’s as good an idea as any Steve. And welcome to the group!

ah ha. So, question about those cat videos. Do people just screen cap existing cat videos then re-upload them in a different order with a new description and new music and get 10,000,000 views?

Nice to be here, chordwainer. I’ll try not to be a nuisance. I’m not sure it is a good idea, but it makes you wonder…

I didn’t think of that, Boz, but possibly. It is possible that idea is so basic we intellectually reject it, but it might be all it takes!

Let us ponder what it took for the Pet Rock, perhaps a portion of novelty and creative packaging and enough belief to follow through with what we initially know is a really dumb idea. I mean, have you seen musical.ly? That might actually be making somebody a ton of money.

I don’t mean to totally joke about this lowest hanging fruit easy money topic because some people laugh all the way to the bank while we “artists” kick ourselves for having had the same idea first or at least not seeing the opportunity early enough on. Maybe in this think tank-like thread somebody actually inspires somebody else. I was reading this other thread here about mixing, how some people have developed tools, templates, methods, that speed up the process, and to some degree that is what any crazy idea eventually requires. But at first it is prototyping, then figuring out the details.

Hey Boz, perhaps we just create a library of cat, pet, baby clips from YouTube, get some kind of commercial usage license that doesn’t cost us an arm and a leg or is illegal, and then have a way to churn out endless combos of cuteness or grossness. Ideally it would be an app where people create their own montages behind their music. I think actually personally editing a bunch of cat videos would drive me bonkers!

Well, there is tons of stock footage of cats.

man. looking at this stuff, I want to make a commercial that talks about how every day 10,000 cats are euthanized by the hot dog industry and sold as a low fat chicken alternative, but labeled under “natural ingredients” because technically cats are wild animals.

some stock footage of cats in a cage or eating trash, some generic music…

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Make something semi bad but with clear lyrics that are “controversial.” Something maybe along the lines of that whole production of Julius Caesar in NYC that has Caesar look like Trump but with a humorous twist.

Make sure your Youtube channel is set up along with settings and everything for collecting advertising revenue. Give it an easy title that is unique so it will be easily found with google – i.e. Trump Murdered me Twice and Now my Goldfish Wants Revenge

Upload the video then have a friend call a reporter at one of the very local weekly newspapers and complain about “what is allowed on the Internet these days.” Do it with a few of them with a “Should the Internet be censored?” Kind of thing. Have all your friends tweet about their “outrage.”

Sit back, relax, ignore the phone and wait for your ad revenue check to arrive. Cha ching!


Now this is the kind of idea generation I was looking for when I posted this thread.

Hahaha, I like this idea.,especially this part -> [quote=“brutus, post:12, topic:1506”]
Upload the video then have a friend call a reporter at one of the very local weekly newspapers and complain about “what is allowed on the Internet these days.” Do it with a few of them with a “Should the Internet be censored?” Kind of thing. Have all your friends tweet about their “outrage.”

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Make a video using Steppenwolf’s “The Pusher”, but vilify the pharmaceutical industry instead of street pushers. Use pics and videos of the modern pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities and drug company reps with their sample cases visiting doctor’s offices, and doctors being paid in cash or favors (luxury vacations, etc.) to push new or dangerous drugs.


Hi ya Steve… you’ve migrated from the Audiopolis graveyard!!! I’m sure these guys will give your experimental originals a good bashing!

Welcome aboard my good friend!

OK, here’s a clip that satisfies both “cat video” and “The Pusher”.
Is this the best cat video ever?