Low end attack

Been trying to upload some newest track and get feedback regarding low en approach,as its always been a issue for me.Had some internet problems for the last week(shitty provider) and only just had a chance to upload as of today,Let me know what you think.Also have lyrics but,im not the greatest singer/song writer,hence prefer instrumentals :slight_smile:



Sorry, its too messy to know where the problems are coming from.

Can you bounce your all drums stem, and your bass stem, then everything else, WITH the 2 bus processing on? Post them separate and lets see if we can help you balance.

I get that you’re going for a really rowdy over-the-top chaotic energy. Thats cool. Can’t tell whats cluttering up the low end. The mix is heavily mashed in the mids and mid lows. Not nearly open enough on the top, and I’m getting no bottom at all. It all south of middle lol. And that’s making it sound really really muffled.

Go ahead and post those stems :smiley:

I’m going to say that I actually really like the first song - Trigger. There’s a cool energy in there - reminds me of some NIN stuff from the 90’s. But I’ll agree completely with @Jonathan, mids to bass there’s just way too much stuff competing for space. Rather than EQ, I think it’s a case of just too much sound playing at the same time. In the main sections, I can hear a bass synth, voices, drums, other synths, and after that I can’t really make out much more.

For a reference track - which I think has a sound like your song - listen to the Nine Inch Nails song Burn. Although a different vibe, Trent Reznor was layering sounds until the end when it becomes quite unbearable. But the journey to that end is (in my opinion) a masterpiece in arrangement and instrumentation.

Cool sounding stuff. It is really good to hear this from you. I think there is a lot of potential here. I would agree with the others that there is some work to be done to bring out the clarity while keeping the heavy ‘wall of sound’. I really look forward to hearing how this progresses. In the upload errorz i am wondering how it would sound to have the main synth theme running an octave higher.

The first one sounds a but muddy and the 2nd lacks bass. I think some EQing would help the different elements sit together better


It’s very rare I listen to this genre of music, so I’m finding it difficult to know how to advise you on how to improve your tracks… However, I’ll have a bash

Terigger my Switch: Lots of low end here. Maybe you’d consider varying the octaves that you have used to give the listener a little more variety. Don’t worry too much about the lack of lyrics. What you sampled onto the track was ample!

Upload Error: Was this inspired by your [quote=“BillyBoBBizWorth, post:1, topic:1228”]
shitty provider

I definitely preferred this one, as it has everything on it that I would have liked to have heard in Terigger my Switch. It has more of a melody to it, higher octaves in places, and basically it’s a lot more listenable to!

Sorry I’m about 11 days behind everyone else… that’s quite normal for me!