Loving The Alternate Take Folders In Logic

At some point Logic prox added “alternate take folders” as it updated. I ignored them at first but have recently found them incredibly useful. I know other daws have had these for years. There are some things that I do like comping and tuning vocals where I like to render the track after it is done and then get on with the business of mixing. Using the bounce to new track feature it will bake in the edits and tuning. I then go to the original track and create an alternate. I then drag the edited track to it. This gives me the unedited track as alternate A. It gives me the comped and tuned track as alternate B. If I need to get back to A, I can but I never need to look at it again if everything goes well. I think storing these tracks this way doesn’t use a ton of CPU. It also keeps me from having a bunch of extra tracks lying around in already massive sessions. For drums, it is a Godsend. I often flex time or manually edit them. Rendering the new track and storing it this way stops the flextime CPU load. Logic has a way of being buggy as you load the CPU so rendering the flex time tracks makes them be future proofed from bugs as my CPU gets heavily used.

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