Love In a Warzone

Here is my newest song, Monday this week.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I usually start at least 4 songs before I hit on one I like or even finish, and this is the case here. I had the music first, and I came up with the title next, and within seconds I was coming up with the lyrics. All fitting so well is a good sign it is a good song, I think, but what do you think?

Love In a Warzone by Steve Bancroft

Despite the drones and the sirens in the night
Perpetual reminders of our tragic plight
The random death and danger lurking all around
But love is love no matter where it’s found

Why I don’t think I could make it on my own
Oh I’m in love in a warzone
Wish that I could call you on the phone
‘Cause I’m in love in a warzone

Nothing else comes close to love
Giving purpose to life, not even heaven above
Will we survive? Oh I wish I knew
Oh I don’t want to die when I think of you

Wish that I could call you on the phone
Oh I’m in love in a warzone
I live in fear of being alone
I’m in love in a warzone

In these nights of living hell
I look at pictures on my cell
Saved from happier times together
Enjoying each other in balmier weather
Dreaming our future is blessed with hope and luck
And we will survive in this world run amok

Wherever you are, I hope you’re safe and sound
But it worries me whenever explosions shake the ground
Or wander through the ruins that yesterday were not there
They were our homes and businesses, few left standing anywhere

I live in fear of being alone
I don’t think I could make it on my own
Wish that I could call you on the phone
Oh I’m in love in a warzone


This song is so full of emotion, and your vocals sounds so good and dramatic on this beautiful recording.
The mix is perfect. Love the guitar track.
I am digging this creation, Steve!!!
Excellent lyrics!

Thanks, Rene! Your kind words mean so much to me. I’m trying very hard to write interesting and meaningful lyrics that aren’t so political nowadays. This is an anti-war love song, obviously. I think verses are my strongest parts, but this song has a chorus and bridge that I feel worked very well.

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I also love the lyrics. I too love writing about contrasting ideas…love/war zone. That’s perfect.

While I’m primarily a rock fan…I’d be interested to hear this one with some electronic/hip hop drums instead of a standard rock set. Maybe because it’s so electronic already. Maybe even some deep electronic bass underneath. Might add to the dystopian feel and tension. Kind of like Radioactive by Imagine Dragons.

Cool as is, but if it’s a matter of switching the drum kit it would be a cool version. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks, fly, That’s a great idea, and easyish to do. I’m not a drummer, midi can do so much, but knowing/feeling what might be better to use takes drummer sensibilities. I’m also mainly into rock, too, I mostly stumble onto ideas, and always appreciate the wisdom of others. Granted there are so many styles of good drummers, so there is much leeway to nail it or screw it up even more!

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Hi Steve, I really like the concept of this track, and I think the verses chorus have a good melody that is quite succinct. Overall, the song is much more concise than you usually write, which I find much more appealing.

Here are a few notes I made while I was listening:

  • The chorus could be even better if you repeated the line “I’m in love in a war zone” again right after the first time you sing it. This would accomplish 2 things: First, it would really create a solid, memorable “hook” that the listener could take away with them (as the phrase would actually be repeated a total of 3 times each chorus); and secondly, it would create a differentiation from the expectation of the pattern you set up in the verses.

  • One of the things that helps a chorus really stand out is to create an obvious variation in the instrumental arrangement, thus ‘signposting’ it clearly for the listener. There is a flute-like synth sound that kind of meanders right through the whole song. I would suggest cutting that sound in the chorus and using some different textures and sounds. This creates the sense of a ‘journey’ through the song with changing ‘scenery’, rather than just the same stuff. Cutting the drums at the end is example of a way you have already done this to a degree… but you really need to work on this aspect to make the production more interesting.

  • The song needs a bass. Drums provide the “rock”, but bass brings the “roll”. Bass could provide the sense of forward momentum that the song needs. At present it sounds “plodding” and quite static.

Overall it’s a great concept, so I hope those suggestions help in some way.

Thank you for the reviews. Now your song: is that a frog I hear in the distance? Whatever it is, I like it. Song title reminds me a bit of “Love is a Battlefield” by Pat Benatar. The song has a kind of dreamy quality that I like. Lyrics are good, even if they are a bit heavy at times; though romantic too. Nice song! :slight_smile: