Loudness Penalty -Free online dB measuring music (YouTube, Spotify, TIDAL, Pandora, iTunes)

Loudness Penalty -Free online dB measuring music (YouTube, Spotify, TIDAL, Pandora, iTunes)
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Seems like a useful site for music creators who want to post their music online. Good to have this in the arsenal.


It could definitely be helpful. I tried a file on there earlier that I had measured at 8-9 LUFS, and the feedback it gave looked about right per the specs.


I’m not convinced. I have tested a number of tracks, all mastered to -10 LUFS, yet the readings from the loudness penalty site vary widely between each track. Although most services do not use the BS 1770 algorithm to measure loudness, I would still expect whatever they are using to be consistently pro-rata to the LUFS value, therefore I can only conclude that the loudness penalty site’s own algo is suspect.


I think it’s a nice idea.

But I think it’s ultimately best if people aim for whatever loudness they think suits the song best.

I was feeling very clever a few months ago because I DIY mastered a song so it’d pretty much hit the Youtube LUFS target and I thought I’d won the game because my new video single would be more punchy with transients and dynamics than most other stuff.

A couple of people suggested to me that it was a bit too dynamic, and they were having to adjust volumes as it went into the loud choruses. So, making it less dynamic would have been better. Doh!


I take a “it is what it is” approach nowadays. Don’t mess around with these things too much, kinda mix and master to what seems good for me and go from there.
As I’ve had material broadcast on FM and different web streaming radio recently, I can tell you that none of these services is uniform, it is a complete mess from one to the other and you can never get it right. I think good songwriting trumps it all and I try to focus on that. People can always buy the high quality file later if they want it…too bad that music sales have become a thing of the past.