Looking for multitracks?

Looking for multitracks?


Hey guys,

If your looking for some multitracks. These seems like a nice list. Wish there was a list like this with metal :smiley:



Hey @DeRebel! Good to see you! And thanks for the heads up :beerbanger:


Hey @holster, nice to see you. You’re welcome !

one month from now I’m starting with a project, so I’ll be on a bit more then :smiley:



Awesome! Looking forward to hearing about it!!


Daaaaaang!!! DUDE… that’s a lot of multi-tracks. Wow. Someone could practice mixing on that junk for months. And its not obnoxiously bad either. Great stuff to try out new plugins - hey, at least you know you have decent quality mics on these!


Yeah, I was surprised as well :slight_smile:

Gonna try out some today :smiley:


Good find! The mix I have been working on from Cambridge-mt says it was provided by Telefunken. Definitely some good stuff there. Thanks!


Here are some more mutli-tracks for mixing. Towards the bottom of the page, there are other NON-NIN multi-tracks including a couple from Jane’s Addiction.



Nice man :slight_smile: Thanks !

I also found some multitracks on the cambridge link :slight_smile:


interesting… I should see if Telefunken wouldn’t mind letting us link to them also on a resources page?


Maybe select a track, and do a mixcontest :slight_smile:
Maybe they want to sponsor :smiley: hehe


This is awesome.


Hey, Hope you guys don’t mind me moving that into the Recording/Mixing/Production section… also tagged it so its easier to find if anyone needs to come back to it.


Not at all :slight_smile: