Looking For Heavy Singers

Looking For Heavy Singers


Im looking for a singer or singers to write and track vocals to some of the music i have been writing.


i would love to post a tone but im not seeing upload anywhere


ok, here is one song


Glad you figured out how to upload! :+1:
Let us know if you have any questions, and welcome to the forum!! :beerbanger:


I’m a piano player so I’m not gonna be much help. Just dropped in to say cool track!

How did you record the guitars???


Nothing too complicated. I DI the guitars then run them through amplitube with a high pass filter. I used to love recording live rigs but now I enjoy the freedom to change it up at any moment to anything on a whim. It gives me Endless Options and lets me explore.


Well I’m definitely looking for a vocalist to collaborate with. Do you know where on the site I might have a good chance of finding someone? I’ve already posted in the collaboration section but it doesn’t seem to have many people going through there


I’ll think of a couple. There are some folks that are on less frequently that may be into it!