Looking for guitar samples for a project

Looking for guitar samples for a project
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Hey guys/gals!

I’m testing an idea that a few of us are working on and would love your help with it. I’m looking for some guitar samples… either DI guitar tracks, or recorded with amp. The samples can be everything from clean country picking, metal shredding, any style. Rhythm (chords or rhythmic arpeggiated stuff), OR lead tracks would be great.
Basically, I just need some various samples that are not just me playing. They don’t have to be lengthy samples.
If you’re interested, just reply here or PM me and I’ll set up a way to get those to me :wink:
I’ll elaborate more soon. I’m just testing some ideas at the moment and I needed some samples that would come from various sources. I need to see if this even works first.

Thanks everyone!!! :beerbang:


I’m in-- PM’d ya.


message sent - I’m in!


Count me in.


Whats the plan ? I might be in :slight_smile: lol