Lonely People, America 1974

“Lonely People” is a song written by the husband-and-wife team of Dan Peek and Catherine Peek and recorded by America in 1974.

“Lonely People” was written within a few weeks of Dan Peek’s 1973 marriage to Catherine Maberry: Peek- “I always felt like a melancholy, lonely person. And now [upon getting married] I felt like I’d won.”

The lyrics of “Lonely People” advise “all the lonely people”: “Don’t give up until you drink from the silver cup”, a metaphor which Dan Peek thus explains: "It’s possible to drink from another’s well of experience…and be refreshed.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all lovers.
As Dan felt, marriage is a seal of everlasting love, which is strengthened by the blessings and assistance of family and friends.

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It’s a very catchy song, Rene, and you have caught its spirit. The guitar was enthusiastic sounding, and I suppose so was your singing, moreso than the original, and it works.

Thanks for the factoids, too. I always thought give up and silver cup was a key rhyme hook but that had little meaning!

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Great job yet again! I thought I might be missing those killer harmonies like the original, but you gave those lines the kind of energy that made me forget they were missing :slight_smile:
Well done :beerbanger:

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You are so appreciated, @steban !
Your responses are so loved.
Pls stay safe and keep healthy, my friend!
With love and respect,

Hi @holster ,
I love harmonies, and I am so missing singing harmony of a lot these recordings, especially this one.
I am thinking of a way to get to the next level, but I wanted to keep it “live recordings”.
I am thinking of doing the same style recordings, and then switching to another platform to record multiple layers of recording using a DAW based unit.
I have to make it easy on myself, hahahahaha.
@feaker is pushing me to graduate to this “multiple instruments + harmonies” recordings - thanks so much Paul!!!
Love your wonderful and inspiring words!!!

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Why was I expecting a Beatles song? Wrong song; similar title. As soon as I heard your video, then OK, of course I remember this. Didn’t recall America recorded this song. Per usual, you played guitar and sang very well! Nicely done!