London AIR studios up for sale again

thought I’d share this.

Maybe we can all partner up and buy it? I wouldn’t mind cutting drum tracks in there, as soon as we throw out that old Neve for a Avid Pro Tools S3 Control Surface and a HD system we’d be good to go :slight_smile:

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I’m guessing it has better acoustics than my basement tracking room.

Definitely not for the slight of wallet crowd.

I’ll call my sugar momma and ask her nicely. Too bad Valentine’s day and my birthday are passed this year.

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That would be an awesome place to have an IRD in-the-flesh meetup!

…which is something I hope we can do someday, somewhere, but of course with us flung all over the world, it ain’t very likely. Sure would be cool though.


we can always have something like a Teamviewer online group party.

just reading about the Cars first, wikipedia mentions it was this studio, some engineer and his machine did a lot of hits. do you need something this high end to make a Cars recording?
obviously it worked very very well. Air London…damn $$$$$$$$

I hope someone buys it up and takes care of it. I’d hate to see it fall by the wayside!