Live in the living room

This is unusual in this forum and I hope it’s not completely off topic. My band played a mini concert in my living room Saturday for a few friends and neighbors. I didn’t have the time to setup a computer and audio interface to record the multitrack so I just recorded the main stereo out (which actually ended up mono since we only had one cable long enough to go all the way to the camera haha).

Anyway, I don’t have a big experience playing live and if some of you do, I’d be happy to hear what you have to say about everything (the songs, arrangement, sound, etc.), as we might do this again in the future and I’m interested in us getting better.

This is one of 14 songs (half covers, half originals). This one is an original.


Sounds great. I would have loved to sit in on this concert.

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Jeez, that sounds pretty damn good and balanced, especially considering that you didn’t have the individual tracks to control each instrument.

I didn’t inspect the performance very much but I did notice a few small issues, but nothing too bad. At 5:11 the bass and drums noticeably lose their tightness and you can hear that the song “sort of” momentarily falls apart, but the players quickly recover. The vocals have a few small moments of pitchiness but she does a very admirable job in general. She probably has the hardest job in the band…Any little flaw in the vocals will be much easier to hear with the human voice.

I think you guys did a damn good job on this. :+1:


Sounds good, would be perfect for jazz bars and nice restaurants. Covers are the safest of course, good to have an arsenal of those in different styles for whoever shows up. Some background vocals would be a good addition to this song I think. Slide guitar sounds good, might consider adding some fingered notes to give it some variety.


Real shame about the stereo, great sounding room (can tell from the audience appreciation at the end.

I would have had multiple condenser /ribbon mics In that room (4-6) plus everything else in dual mono/stereo, due to electric drums, and direct outs (DI’s) plus maybe even mics on the amps.

Not sure if that helps you but thats how Its done at the next level, lots of channels and mics everywhere, (also dont record the audio onto the camera, it will usually clip too soon, without proper gain control) and noise and bullshit compression is also usually too close by.

But you did great, please do it again, maybe mix the vocal a touch higher in parts, it was a really great job! put mics between / outside of the speakers for room phase coherence and to avoid the speaker sound, as much as possible.

Sounds tight to me. Fun just seeing/hearing a live performance like this. The keys sorta dominate and that is cool I guess. Very mellow feel and plenty of talent. Small venues are the best IMHO. congrats to all

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Great, next time setup a stage and have outdoor bbq going on, I’d love to reserve a table :slight_smile:

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^^^ What Descent said! ^^^ Nice job. Lot’s of potential and fun to be had there! Which one are you?

Yes the room is of unusual dimensions as we have a 15ft high ceiling. In Singapore land space is extremely expensive so modern houses are usually all about height. Our house is 4 storeys high and from the garage to the attic there are 74 steps to climb! Yes that’s 148 steps if you realize you forgot something up there the moment you enter your car in the morning.

About the mics, do you mean you would mix the mixer outputs with room mics on the whole concert, is that what you’re suggesting?

@miked I’m the only white guy, the one on the keys.


Yes indeed. I like mine to be facing out, due to phase coherence, line of sight and audience capture, but you can experiment with various pairs and blend them. Ribbon mics are the best bang for buck (US$150), although condensers are more accurate once you get past the really cheap stuff (US$300).

Very cool. I have a living room that’s 13x26ft. I think the ceiling is 12 or 13ft high too. I would LOVE to do a house concert in my own living room. This inspires me.


First, great job! Yes, mono is a bummer, but on the upside it is a very clear recording. And next time you will know to use as many mics as you are capable of, maybe a pair for the room stereo, and then some individual instruments and the vocal. The room acoustics seemed pretty reasonable to me. The mini concert is great practice, and you might gather enough material for a live album.