Live band rehearsal broadcasting on Facebook

Hi all,
hopefully this is the right section to post this.
Thanks to Covid looks like a lot of the shows will be down for a while and we want to go ahead and work on some live broadcasting of rehearsals. On our last live show that we used an internet connected iPad and had about 250 viewers on our live stream, but the sound might be a bit subpar as it comes from the built-in mic.

We did a live broadcast directly from Facebook via a browser on the iPad and worked great.

So my question is if anyone has done this, what did you use? I have several audio interfaces that are USB but not sure if iPad compatible. We also have several analog mixers between us. We also have a Windows 7 machine with 16 input interface in the studio but that one has no internet and the camera is built-in 3mp so will have to use a better cam.

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Thats a good turnout. Some of my friends are doing live broadcasting on youtube and facebook. I could ask them but intuitively suggesting… why not use a laptop computer hooked up with a proper broadcasting microphone, a proper DSLR camera and a USB 2i2 interface?

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We did it back in 2015-16 a couple of times. Honestly I don’t remember all the specifics, but I miked it up like a live recording - drums were stereo OH, snare and kick, then bass was DI’d, guitar amp miked, and 3 vocal mics. I set up a stereo mix on a Soundcraft M8, and sent that to the drummer’s laptop via one of the little Focusrite interfaces for streaming to facebook avec video.

The hard part was making sure the mix was ok. Before we started broadcasting I recorded some of the stereo mix, we listened back and I tweaked things then checked again. It wasn’t far off because I’d done live recording in that room so many times - I knew roughly how much gain each mic’d need to get a mix that wasn’t miles out.


I guess we can possibly do that as well, there’s a PC in place, we have a Zoom live show camera that we are using, so maybe that can be plugged in and used with our Tascam US16x08 interface that’s there in place.
I guess biggest problem would be if we can stream it fast enough. Since there’s no internet in there, I have to use a Verizon Jetpack.