Little recording we done today

I had a friend round and recorded some vox


love the Vox, though a good idea to mark the explicit ones lol.

your friend has some solid vocals for the track.
The kick can definitely be a bit more wet for the track 1. The guitar chord that hits at the same time as the kick bass could also be a bit louder so the bass hit ‘rings’ a bit further.
Because the instrumentation is sparse you can likely widen the vocals and mult them. If you share that vision ofcourse.

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I like the concept and the sound, the lyrics work well too. Way too much repetition though, it would be easy to add variation or other instruments and especially a break, drop, whatever the term?

just getting an idea down really

Not my thing, rap, but as it is, as an idea, it’s coming along. I didn’t understand all the words, just bits and pieces, but that’s probably me, Alan. I do think your instrumental accompaniment did provide a good skeleton for the vocals. It definitely is worth developing.

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Rap song #1:
Very cool elements here. The nice little lo fi sizzle on the vocals sounds great. The vocals are tucked a little low given that we really need to be able to follow the words a little easier with rap. I think this may be assisted by pulling that melody (keys?) down a bit during the verses. It feels loud in general, but it is masking the clarity of the vocals.

Love the drum sound and cool breaks and transitions. As a bass player, I would want to hear a little more variation than the two notes, even if there are just transitioning notes between the two.

Overall though, that was fun to listen to. Sounds like you had fun making it.
Rap Song #2:
Very similar comments to above. Vocals are even quieter in this one and the guitar is overshadowing it. Volume adjustments will make this a lot clearer and make the vocals clearer and more impacting.

Like the previous song, the main instrumental melody never really stops. When the vocal changes to the deeper voice, it feels like you could kill the guitar melody and add something else, liek some sweeping pads or something to break it up and make that lower vocal more of the main component.

Again, was very cool and had me rocking along in my chair!

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