Little pop mix

Any comments very welcome .Cheers

Stay New Mixed by Alan

EDIT: Updated mix

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Excellent work, Alan.!!!
Did you use any of Warren’s printed fx in this mix? Just curious…
If someone were to twist my arm for a bashing, I have only tiny nitpics.
I love where you have the toms. But they are a little “muffled” to my ear. I know that’s how they are in the raw files…
The only other thing that I even struggled with in my mix is that the double chorus out seems to want to feel “long”. I don’t remember exactly what I did. (and I don’t know if I achieved anything) But I know that throughout the mix, I took things out (or down) to make room for others and built things back up when needed. I think I did like a 1db increase every few bars on the way out on some elements.
But the mix stands fine as is.
Have fun

Cheers mate glad you liked it.I used my own fx

I ditched them without even listening :slight_smile: Not very open-minded of me :disappointed:

I used my own vox verb, a tiny bit of delay in one section and a tiny bit of flanger in another section.
Think that is all.

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Overall I like the sound of the mix. I think you made good use of stereo separation, and kept the vocals in a good place for this style of music.

I would take a look at how the drums cut in general. I like the individual sounds I think they are appropriate, but it feels like you could explore some more EQ and transient shaping, especially on the snare. Listening to the mix I wanted it to pop a little bit more. I’m not saying it needs to be louder, but I think with a little boost in the upper bands, and maybe an adjustment in the attack on the compressor, it might have a little more presence in the mix.

Cheers.Yes I agree with you on that

Updated mix

Beautiful, Alan. I like your “thicker” take on this mix. It works!
Gotta watch out on her vocals a little. She’s got a whistle at 3.3K and 3.7K. It only poked me once or twice in earbuds and not on my speakers at all.
Also there were 1 or 2 silibants that hit your verb or delay that made them “longer” than needed.
It’s pretty funny how that comped vocal has a couple of hot S’s and then has a built in lisp on a few…
I tried to bring a couple of S’s UP. But they were already too far gone. I might try pasting in some imported S’s from somewhere else in the track as an experiment. I’ll let you know if it works… :slight_smile:

I didn’t have a listen with phones so didn’t hear that Rich

Yeah… it’s not that big a deal. I’m just sensitized to it because I found it in my mix. But I look for it in every vocal.
I just finished playing with my mix and flew in some “good” S’s into lispy spots. I think it worked… :slight_smile:
have fun

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I can’t see the old mix to do a comparison to the new one, but it sounds like the snare works a little better. i like it.

I’m listening from a laptop, but it’s translating quite well. Good clean separation, but things gel well together. It’s coming together quite nicely!

Cheers.That will have to do I think .

Wow! Sounds pretty stinkin’ good! I like how thick and chunky it sounds while still being clear.

Cheers Musikality glad you like it