'Little Lighter mix

One more.That will do for now

Mixed this again and spent more time.

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One more

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One more ,just one lol

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Love this piece. Just an all-out interesting song. Absolutely love what you did with this. TBH, each mix gets progressively better, imho. So tight. So right and crisp. Perfect balance of each instrument. Hard to pull off cuz there’s a lot going on.

Only thing I don’t int care for is the EQ on the bass. It sounds muddy to me. Would love more crispness/brightness in the bass. It just sounds muffled.

Other than that, perfect mix. Very polished and professional sound.

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Hey, I agree with @Tesgin with most of his comment.
I should say that stereo get a nice attention since I found the mix get a better balance stereo-wise each time with some wide choices which is really pleasing to listen to.

Great job to me!

I didn’t mind it…my issue is I wish the kick had more top.

I also think the snare could use a ton more bottom from 120 to 400. Even if it had to come from sample augmentation. I think this mix is just aching for a dry, fat, semi-muted warm snare sample blended in there.