Listen To The Rain (multitracks)

Howdy folks,
I’ve been MIA for a bit - life and stuff - including an updated studio and monitoring. Brian @holster asked if I’d post the multi-tracks to my song that I finished a few years back and that Andrew @ColdRoomStudio studio recently mixed AND that Bob @StylesBitchley added some excellent guitar parts to…

A little background: Listen To The Rain was the last song of a project called Komplex 2 that I undertook a few years back. I set out to remake some songs from a band I was in back in the 80’s. I had some cassette tapes from practices and such from back then that I had kept. LTTR was a song we were working on before the band all went our separate ways, and one that I always wanted to finish. I was finally able to do that - with some help.

First, I asked a member on another forum if he’d play drums on the track. He said yes and I gave him the multis with my programmed drums and he did his thing. Thanks Rob, wherever you are!

Next, over here, I had been hearing some of Bob Cameron’s (aka @StylesBitchley ) tracks mixed by Andrew and I thought I’d ask him if he might be willing to play a solo part. To my delight, he said yes. With a little back and forth, he came back with not just a kick ass solo, but other very well thought out and tasty parts as well that made it onto my final version. I can’t say enough about his musicianship and composition skills. His additions really took this project to a whole other level. Thanks again Bob!

Last and certainly not least, I got a bunch of excellent feedback and ideas from the you guys here, and especially Andrew. Thanks!

Track Notes

Guitar track names:

  • eGtr-Tn = Tony
  • eGtr-Bn = Bob (played a 71 Les Paul Custom through a Marshall DSL-40 C)


  • Bass1 - Yes, the chorus is baked in, sorry. That’s because I used the exact same pedal I used on the original song 35 years ago and wanted to keep that the same.
  • Bass2** - this is just the recorded DI with no FX. I played the part with a dotted 1/8th delay, which gives the low end a nice push/pull undercurrent for the song. I haven’t booted my DAW in months, so I’m not sure I can even dump the track with the FX I used.

** Suggestion for mixing this track:
After you get the tones you want, run the track through a Delay. Set the delay time to a dotted ⅛ note. Set the Wet/Dry Mix so the delayed signal is almost as loud as the original note. Finally, set the Feedback so you basically hear mostly one echo. Tweak things to your liking and mix it in from there.
– OR –
Add your own bass or synth track to fill out the low end! :slightly_smiling_face:

No close Tom tracks were provided.

Here you go for anyone that wants to mix them.

Song: Listen To The Rain
Artist: Komplex 2
Written By: Mike Derrick, Tony Clark
44.1k / 24bit
101 BPM

I’ll just ask if you post a mix anywhere, please give proper credit. :slight_smile:

For reference, the released version is here:

Here’s Andrew’s new mix:

And here’s the original version from my 35 year old practice cassette:


Lovely, simply lovely!
I love the guitar solo, and track!
Vocals is very nicely mixed, perfect.
Great recording.

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Thanks so much Rene! I’ve seen a few of your videos here and I really enjoy your work.

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Very cool tune, would love to have a go at a mix for sure.
Well there you go @ColdRoomStudio I said I thought this number had a real 80’s vibe after listening to your mix, and as it turns out it WAS written back then, fancy that.


Thank you Terry! Yes, the tune is solidly rooted in the 80’s. I’m looking forward to hearing your mix. Go to town and have fun! :slight_smile:

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2 cents from the peanut gallery. Excellent voice. Guitar interlude top notch. I don’t like the background when you sing Listen to the rain. It works ok, just not as good as other parts of the song. IMHO = which means nothing…congrats

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