Like me, the song is gone

crank up the ole…you know the thing


Will listen again when I get home. Line 6 did the job. Can use the kick to accent some of the verse. How did you mic the drums and what types did you use? I do like the track and since joining the group just glad to hear new and different sounds.

Hi Z I play all the guitars, but use in house Studio one drums. I mic’d the guitar amp about a foot away. I did EQ something nasty in the high range.(drums) I am a sucker for toms. ha ha Not many selections in S1 drums. I have EZ, but not many selections there either. I own an electronic drum set, but I am only average at playing them.
I am striving to be a little different, but am turning out songs too quickly and sacrificing quality I think.
Thanks much for your comments. Hope to see you post some of your tracks.

I am digging it.

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I would like to congratulate you and thank you for speaking out about this. That’s all I’ll say about that for now.

I like a lot of elements in the music and vocals. The contrast of the ‘nice’ and ‘stressed’ vocals is interesting. Also, the “voice in the ear” harmony vocal about 0:40 is a very cool effect. At first I thought it was one of your granddaughters but then I remembered you can sing real high and falsetto. The guitar progression with the minor key sound reminds me of the James Bond theme song a little bit, and gives a nice tension compared to the more major key chorus. The ‘outro’ repeat fadeout thing is pretty cool IMO.

I like the drum toms, but I’d like to hear a little more kick and snare too. The snare jumps out in a few turnarounds, but is more subdued in a lot of sections. Maybe that’s on purpose, and isn’t really a problem, it may be necessary since you are using the toms a lot and as almost a substitute for a snare at times.

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Hi Stan The chord progression in that minor key does not exist? haha I don’t know what it is. It is a D chord and then , with my pinky, I add the Bb…B…Bb…and back to the A. Robbed it from “crying” Roy O.

I didn’t know if anybody would pick up on that funky high, panned hard to the side, telephone EQ, harmony part. Had to write down on a paper the notes to contrast the notes the main vox was using. ha ha

The outro was a studio one analog delay they call from here to eternity. Never used it before. When i stopped playing, it kept on going on and on , so I copied it from the bridge and let it go at the end and then thought…cool. Never anything planned I say.

I think I might have taken out the snare when I used EQ to take out some annoying drum artifact. Maybe it was the snare. I will have to find some other pattern there.

It’s not hard to speak out about anything when you get to be this old. My wife Roz always says “stop yelling at the TV” ha ha

I was going to ask for help with a lead break, but changed my mind and will save that mooch for a special song.

Thanks big guy for the helpful hints


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Loving the feel of this! I wasn’t expecting that progression when the first few notes were played. I want more of that little lead guitar in the right speaker in that first chorus. Seems better balanced in the second.
The lyrics are fantastic and the rhythm and delivery could so easily be rushed but they are not. I love the way you captured the feel and the timing - works so well.
Nice job!

I understand your frustration. Perhaps minorities have been mistreated, but these riots seem really awful to me. These riots will not make things better for anyone; they will only tear our country down. If this country is so bad, why do so many people from all over the world try to live in the USA, even if it’s not exactly perfect. If you (not feaker) want Marxism, move to a country that has that system and see how lousy it is there. You have people in Mainland China/Hong Kong waving the American flag because they want to have the freedom we have in the USA. I rarely talk politics on the internet, but I felt like I had to say something. I think the song is well done. Good melodies, vocals, audio quality, and instrumentals. No gripes. Just don’t watch too much TV news, it is depressing and causes anger. Be at peace my friend. :slight_smile:

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Nice spin, but no. There’s no ambiguity to this song. It’s a radical right wing revenge song, and it’s gross. Maybe you need a new prescription for your own glasses if you agree with it.

“Just because you’re offended, it doesn’t mean you’re right.” - Ricky Gervais

I didn’t say I’m offended. I said it’s gross. There is a difference. Broccoli is gross too, but it doesn’t offend me. I know it’s easy to claim that someone is offended if they don’t like and speak out about something that you do. I mean, I could say the same of you. You took issue with and replied to my comment to someone else that had nothing to do with you at all. Right? Why? You got offended! LOL!

By the way…not that it’s any of your business…the author of this song and I have had a small conversation and it’s all good. So feel free to take your hall monitoring elsewhere. Thanks.

Not at all. I simply presented a different perspective.

BTW, that’s Mr. Hall Monitor to you. :nerd_face:

WHAT!!! How DARE you say that BROCCOLI is GROSS! I have never been so offended and outraged in ALL MY LIFE. You must be one of those DEGENERATES that eats… POTATOES!!!

:crazy_face: :joy: :beerbanger: :beers:

No, actually you didn’t. You basically told me I was wrong for not liking the pro-right wing perspective of the song

. :rofl:
Lol ok gotcha. :policeman:

Food fight!

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Aw man, I’m hosed. I’m tossing broccoli and you’re hurling taters. :broccoli: :potato: :potato: :potato: :potato:

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So I gathered the consensus opinion around here was something like THERE SHALL BE NO POLITICAL DISCUSSION SANS MUSIC.

Well, that doesn’t seem to be going so well either.

Since this “music” stuff pretty much works it’s magic by uniting intellectual and emotional elements, I’m not sure if we can truly attain world peace at But maybe we can try to go the extra mile of quiet tolerance toward each other?