Lightly bash: The Gates

Lightly bash: The Gates

I know I’ve been MIA, but I’ve been taking this course and I have this song as the final project (which we had a week to do, start to finish + watching lessons–super crunched for time!) and I think I want to throw it on YouTube. Would anybody be willing to give it a listen and let me know if there are any glaring issues before I close the book on it? I know it’s rough around the edges, but I had a week and challenged myself with a different style here. :laughing: I was going for a PVRIS vibe on this one. I got… somewhere in the ballpark. Maybe the nosebleed seats at least lol. And by “lightly bash” I just mean that I’m not going to do major reconstruction on this one–not that you have to be nice. :slight_smile:

I have so many things I want to work on now that the class is over, (at a slower pace!) I think I’ll post a bit about the course in the other topic I made about it, but it definitely got me excited about making music again! And that was the main goal. :tada:


Sounds great. Just listening on my grotbox speakers at work, and it translates really well. Nice composition and production.

I wasn’t familiar with their music, but I looked it up, and I think you’ve very much captured the vibe.

BTW, I’m glad you haven’t adopted the seemingly ubiquitous “baby talk” style of singing evident in pop music today and on the PVRIS stuff. Like the hard autotune fad, this also must die IMO :grimacing: … so glad you’re not perpetuating it!

Excellent work! :+1:

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As you know, its easier for me to just DO stuff to your mix than just talk about it. Here’s my 10 minutes worth…

Let me know, as always… always happy to help, if you want to use this mix version on youtube, just credit me with the ‘mastering’ as by ‘vtr productions’ - no charge for awesome people like you… :wink:

Hi. So glad to see you pop up for a bash. This is just so powerful. You have really taken off. My major concern is always the vocals (especially yours) shining thru and they did in places? I don’t know how he did it, and so fast, but vtr’s mix did help on that point. This might not sound nice, but this sounds so modern and professional. So excited for you. I can only be a cheerleader as you know.

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I just drink a couple of beers, dude… :crazy_face: makes it happen so much faster.

Ive been practisin my mastering routine on you guys for a while now, lots of crazy analog style goodness added, big and wide Neve sounding bell and shelving filters and the like.

Works like magic. :+1:

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Oh my gosh, it’s not for lack of trying! I just can’t figure out how to do it. :joy:

Do you remember what you modified? It sounds cleaner I think… I like it! Thanks!

Sounds nice to me! That’s what I’m going for these days. :slight_smile:

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ok , I definitely used a tilt eq to start off with… then a little bit of tape eq and a limiter, i think.

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My only shelving filters are for coffee. haha I know nothing about mixing. good for you mate

mmm coffee is good - but only in 10 hrs time :slight_smile: Come to think of it, i probably already used my ‘coffee filter’ to make the low end bigger and wider and more forward in her song… hope you liked it.

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It was a cool mix, the biggest balance/ compromises were the snare backbeats (1st one is dull / 2nd is bright) - you can make those closer in timbre, I will bring out the difference, dont worry.)

Then the other thing is the reverb, keep your base (not bass) reverb a touch lower, or roll off the high end… don’t go too wild with the effect reverb - it will come back out with just a touch of compression / limiting.

Yeah, sorry… I really did do it in 10 minutes, but it was COOL and FUN :):grinning::sunglasses:

…edit… but damn, those hi-hats were sooo bright, they didnt take to mp3 well, I had to dull them quite a bit too

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Cristina this is sounding awesome. I love what you are doing and I look forward to hearing more about this and from you. I am so glad that you are excited about making music again. Your excitement is making me excited. Nicely done.

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Yay you are recording again!! Yippeeee!
And it sounds great… my only bash point would be the sound feels a little muffled… hmm, I liked the fx from @vtr
So good to have you musicking again, it feels like a contagious energy - I’m full-on creating a backing track/live music combination for a stage play in a month. It’s got me highly challenged but loving it mostly. :sunglasses:

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So great to hear your lovely voice on another of your tunes again! For the record, I’m with Andrew, skip the autotune BS. :grin:

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@vtr took some of your advice and I think it is sounding better. I actually had the reverb in like, the middle of the vocal chain (because it was part of Nectar… laziness.) And I moved it to the end and rolled off the highs. I did more de-essing, and I took a bit off the top of the hi hats. I like the snares though. :wink: Thanks for the tips! Just gonna release this as-is.

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Nice, Cristina. Dang, this is beautiful. You have such a beautiful voice. The arrangement is great. I’m listening only on my laptop, so might be way off on this, but are the vocals possibly a little off-center? Favoring the right channel?

That might not be valid, cuz I’m not on phones or my studio. But this is very nicely performed and mixed. Pretty song. Really interesting and pleasant to listen to.

Listening again. Love this!

Again, only on my MacBook Air, but I could go for a tad more kick on the drums. Hard to hear. And the snare might sound a little flat. It could just be my sound source though, but just thought I’d throw that out there.

So, what is PVRIS? Not familiar with it.

Oh, and it’s awesome that this took you only a week! You go girl! Sweet. :slight_smile:

PVRIS is a band that I’m a big fan of. They just put out an EP recently that I was listening to a lot when this project came up. And… I think the vocal is centered! I might have panned the vocal double a tad to one side, but I can’t remember. And thanks for the feedback! It’s out in the world now though, so no chance to change anything haha.

COOL, I have no idea what I said… hope it worked, can’t remember… loved your song, that about it. :slight_smile:

edit: ok so, mine was a tad thicker, your monitoring maybe leaves it slightly thin… oh well, no biggie.

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yeah, on reflection I pulled the midrange quite a bit forward… after rolling ALL the top end and reverb out… then hit it with the analog tape and limiting to fatten and sweeten it back up, and widen it a tad…I was prob quite brutal as it was a little fucked up in places. Prob due to monitoring environment. Nice balance though… :wink:

No biggie, 10 mins of debauchery is nothing nowadays…

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