Life is better when you poo

When I am not allowed to work for a week after eye surgery, this happens.

I got some cramps …some indigestion… I haven’t gone all week

Bloated belly…I’m all stopped up…and my toots just really wreak

Life is better when you poo I think I feel something commin on

A mad dash I’m sittin here but alas that urge is gone

Fourth cup of coffee a pound of xlax I’m primed for that big purge

I keep on checkin I stand up. look back, but I don’t see no turd

Life is better when you poo I sure hope it happens soon

My helmets on… yeah I’m all set…might blast me to the moon


aww this is a sweetie Paul,
I’ll keep my eye on this, crazy busy in my house at the moment but would love to join in next week if you keep it ‘live’ :wink:

plus if I can remember how to sing/record haha…

Hi Emma I figured you might be the only one who might take a crack at it. You have to be a little crazy to put yourself out there on a sappy old style tune like this. Just messin friend. ha ha Best to you…now slow down a little

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haha… when has ‘being crazy’ ever stopped me?
I’m in nurse Emma mode as Hayden has had some surgery so I am polishing my halo… between minding kids and the usual muddles of a busy fizzy life!


Hi Emma Yes you are heading for sainthood taking care of your other half. I am housebound also. Watchin Roz pick beans in the garden with buckets of raspberries and blueberries sitting on the kitchen island. I had to move on with the forum song. Pretty old fashioned to tag onto I guess. On to something else I guess. I hate being restricted. ha ha cheers

O you impatient musician you!!
Buckets of raspberries? O my…
they are my very favourite. Was introduced to sour cherries recently and they are pretty yumyum!!
Here we have oranges and apples, yawn…

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